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AI-powered writing

Use GPT-4 to brainstorm ideas, generate outlines, or even create entire posts.

Collectible post

Collectible content

Mint every post as a collectible. Turn your readers into owners.

Token-gated memberships


Sell NFT-backed memberships to grant access to your best posts. Build & own your community.

From email subscriptions to
web3 memberships

Paragraph turns your subscribers into members. NFTs give your audience ownership in your community, and help supercharge your growth & earning potential.



Post your content online & send via newsletters. Uncensorable, permanent, and truly owned by you.



Token-gate your best posts, and sell collectibles that grant access. Give your readers ownership in your community.



NFTs incentivize growth. Reward token holders, distribute royalties, create supercharged referral programs & more.

Subscriptions grant access. NFTs grant ownership.

Create token-gated newsletters with Paragraph. Memberships based on NFTs or ERC20 tokens - instead of paid subscriptions - unlock entirely new ways of community engagement, growth, and monetization.

Create a token-gated newsletter in seconds.

Gate your newsletter using any NFT or ERC20 token on all the top networks. Don't have one? No problem - mint your own NFT with 0 gas fees.

Build a community by turning subscribers into owners.

Mint special edition NFTs that grant more than just access: special content, comment privileges, Discord access, and much more

Unlock new streams of revenue with collectibles.

Mint every post as a collectible, rewarding your biggest fans and incentivizing them to help you grow.

Build your own decentralized media empire.

Paragraph provides all the tools you need to build your own decentralized media empire - no matter if you're just getting started or you're an experienced DAO.

True ownership over your subscribers, content, and reading experience.

Posts are stored on the uncensorable Arweave permaweb. Subscriptions are represented as NFTs, accessible across the entire web3 ecosystem. You're always in control.

Write alone, or write together.

Team up with other writers to create decentralized writer collectives, and split earnings amongst yourselves.
Manage team
For DAOs and NFT communities

Expand your community's reach and earn additional revenue.

Reaching token holders is hard. Paragraph makes it easy. Readers can subscribe to your newsletters with their wallets - or their emails - to ensure they're always kept up-to-date.

A single place for all your long-form content.

Discord isn't meant for long-form content. Ensure your decisions, lore, or community updates never get lost.

Send updates directly to your token holders.

Create a token-gated CRM: only your token holders receive gated updates, and no one else.

Turn your readers into members, and your members into super-fans.

Use traditional web2 techniques - such as SEO and content marketing - to drive traffic to your DAO's content.
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Token-gated newsletters

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Support for Google Analytics

Collectible posts

Get paid directly by your community.

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