whoami (on Farcaster)

an evolving Paragraph post.

I connect+verify my ENS with my Farcaster FID: 🎩.artlu.eth

The hat stays on (protected by Ethereum + ENS).

Previously and still, I also use fafo.artlu.eth. I also own the company account @farchiver.

A samczsun-style DC from a sub-500 FID account:

hey! who’s behind this?

(I was in the airport and had just deployed a change to farchiver.xyz wallet signin. We think the crypto content had triggered Xfinity / Boingo Wireless malware warnings)

My Proof of Work on Farcaster

  • early purchaser of storage units (caststorage.com by @sammdec.eth)

  • first purchaser of pinned cast with Warps (h/t @mcbain)

  • 1 USDC recipient from @farcasteradmin.eth (on mainnet!) in return for 100 warps

  • first (?) $Degen pool with Frames

  • permissionless Warps faucet - distribute Warps around the community for the holiday season

  • $DEGEN sink - collect tips to burn

  • free mint Frame for $DEGEN burn commemorative NFT

  • account with the most reactions (cc @sidshekhar who investigated independently)

  • account with most signers (outside of client devs)

  • large account that has casted to the most channels

  • 1+ likes by @vitalik.eth + @balajis + @vgr

  • my best-performing cast was probably my joke about @dawufi's balls

  • stood up to briang (and community) bullying a disability boy

  • one of the earliest Outcasters PFP NFT holders, repeat Top 30 caster

  • top-ticked selling my Farcaster OG NFT for 4.2 ETH  *  2 ppl associated with each other traded ~4.8 ETH. Bought a Farcaster OG NFT by sweeping the floor at 1.19 ETH.

  • early fan + advertiser with GM Farcaster

  • early poidh supporter and kinda a whale; 3-point contest winner

  • early /degen member and Mere King 25 January 2024


  • first-night purchaser of @cookie via Frame with $degen via CB Commerce; donated to local church

  • early and public tester of Frog Frames

  • winner of @balajis' first bountycaster bounty

  • vocal FarQuest supporter for their democratization efforts

  • early supporter of OpenCast, Herocast, Vasco / Casthose, Supercast, U3 / Degencast [born too late to use Discove, born too early to use 1000s of FC clients meme]

  • f/Rants channel owner, one of only a handful of permissionless channels (s/o Hypeshot + Herocast)

  • /china channel co-host. This is such a weird yet appropriate outcome, as I had told dwr I “refuse out of principle” to use the channel when it had the PROC flag

  • owner of @varun on Drakula (https://drakula.app/user/varun)

  • FC-native founder and business owner

My for-profit projects:

My FOSS projects:

Tags I have worn at various times:

Evolution of a bio (thanks @cameron for help):

Uncensorable (after writing shadowban article)

Unforgettable (built @farchiver)

Evolution of a PFP:

nice at ping pong. I had to look for a new bio after Tiff crushed me while yawning with one hand tied behind her back

Liquid Art super fun bonding curve experiment by ChrisCoCreated (now rocked by @sa)

one of my FarCats: furry, fashionable, fked up. @0xen gave it out for free when gas was <10 gwei

War Goose, meme by @goose glitch’d by @0mbre

!whoami : Who I Am Not

I have never purchased Warps

I have “never” purchased a channel * sent Base USDC to @christin to co-purchase /arthur

This wasn’t me.

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