Aptos is the king project of 2022 that can against Bitcoin?

Aptos is a public chain project initiated by the former Diem team member of the Meta (Facebook) stablecoin project, which was once known as the "heavenly king level" Layer1 project for raising us $350 million. In the early morning of October 18, Aptos announced the official launch of the main network Aptos Autumn. As soon as the news was announced, Coinbase, Binance, FTX and OKX have announced the launch of their tokens, Aptos has undoubtedly become the most popular public chain project recently, attracting many market attention.



Aptos's goal is to build a more scalable blockchain —— that is trading faster and cheaper than today's mainstream blockchain networks. Choose the bear market online main network, you can see the ambition of this group of early Internet gods from Facebook, but the last era of the strong development, still seems to retain the traditional process —— its air drop notice is through from airdrop@aptosfoundation. Whether the org's email, the Aptos's old ship ticket can catch the Web 3 passenger ship, let's find out.

According to the official Aptos data, the initial total supply of APT is 1 billion pieces, the minimum accuracy is eight digits after the decimal point, and the minimum unit is Octa. Its economic model is assigned as follows:

51.02% will be allocated to the community, 510217359.767;

16.5% allocated to foundations, 16,5000,000;

Nineteen percent are allocated to core contributors, 19,0000,000;

13.48% allocated to investors, 134782640.233.


After the launch of the Aptos, most tokens are currently locked in and are not in circulation, but these locked tokens can be pledged. In terms of the current majority of community share (51.02%), 125 million APT is in circulation during creation for ecological support, donations and other community growth programs. The majority of these tokens (410217359.767) is currently held by the Aptos Foundation, and a few (10,0000,000) are held by Aptos Labs and is expected to be distributed over the decade. As we can see from here, most of the rights of tokens are still in the foundation, in addition to the allocated share (16.5%) will be designated for ecosystem-related projects, there are currently 5 million APT in creation, available to support the Aptos foundation initiative plan, other tokens have been allocated to projects developed on the Aptos protocol, will be awarded on the completion of certain milestones.

Currently, more than 82% of the tokens have been pledged on the Aptos network, which span multiple entities in the ownership system. The Aptos's official estimated unlock schedule is shown in the chart:


Dreams are always beautiful, but the reality is often cruel. A large number of scientists and the witch address plunder first dividend, lead to the first round of air drops did not be distributed to real and effective users, the community of Aptos first centralized operation, high valuation development team, and not prosperous and perfect ecology, lead to the most direct negative impact, is to win the huge selling pressure after online. Judging by Binance's trading trend, a needle pulls to $100 and went back to around $10, and then fell all the way to around $6.


Poor market performance, ushered in a bad voice in the market, the community user ParadigmEng420 published the "Aptos is broken" ridicule, directly became a hot tweet under the Aptos topic,


Originally promised 100K TPS, but Aptos seems to put too much energy on how to improve the TPS, the current network real-time TPS only 24, even than currency network, many netizens called dream back in 2008, in the community, Aptos will Discord community all user ban, main online hasty, low transparency operation style, once let the community out of "death".

Meanwhile, many projects have delivered good results, as known as the most potential project of distributed storage which is Torah, the same Web3 track as Aptos, is often compared with various public blockchain projects.

Torah directly connects all of its users' smart hardware through distributed database systems (FDB) and Internet of Things technology (FMS) to provide a computing power support. With the lessons of Filecoin and Chia, Torah's economic model is clearly better.

VP is the token of Torah, with a total of 102.4 million token. But the tokens are not available in a single day, and 90 percent will be produced for 40 years and will decline every year. The core of Torah is actually based on distributed data storage technology, and its reward mechanism is different from PoS and PoW mining.


Torah and Aptos project cycles are not the same channel, according to their respective economic models, the first three years are the golden period of Torah mining, but for Aptos, 82% of the pledge means that more than 80% of the token supply is controlled by teams and investors, because there is no air drop or other ways to earn APT, its golden period is only after unlocking.

With Aptos from the "brother" Layer 1 public chain project Sui, also often mentioned, Aptos and Sui blockchain in the largest NFT market are BlueMove, and the founder of the two public chain is not only former Meta employees, and once was the company cryptocurrency project Diem (formerly known as Libra) and encryption wallet Novi of the main creators and core developers.

Sui is the first license-free Layer 1 designed from scratch, and is designed to enable creators and developers to build experiences that meet the next billion users in Web3.Sui is horizontally scalable and can support a wide range of application development at unparalleled speed and at low cost. In May 2022, Mysten Labs released the first test network Sui DevNet and published the token economics model, announcing that it would launch 100 billion SUI tokens. In terms of ecological incentives, the SUI also quickly successfully stood on the home field of the MOVE public chain by covering DeFi, NFT, games and so on.

With the successful experience of Sui, open beneficial, Aptos seems to also shouldn't be just this level, and Solana former marketing director Austin in August officially joined Aptos, as director of ecosystem, its web3 most career is focused on hatching and expand the global community, its experience may bring great help to Aptos ecological development.

Aptos is undoubtedly the most popular recently of the public chain project, in the past was held on the throne, once comparable to the Diem, the successor of the successor, but after the online high open low go, become a community criticism, Is there any investment opportunity in the Aptos ecosystem, is it the grim reaper or the king of heaven? I hope readers interpret it carefully, investment risks, this article is only for readers' reference.


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