The First Integrated Web3 Platform - We World Cup Champ Launched in the World

According to WWCC community news, We World Cup Champ, the world's first Web3 integrated platform, announced that it will go live in the United States on September 28, 2022. Launching the world's first blockchain technology application based on the 2022 Qatar World Cup champion team and the Golden Ball Award voting, and the launch of the world's first Web3 application based on the user can get equity points for voting, to create a truly user-owned Web3 integrated platform.

It is reported that We World Cup Champ ( WWCC)

It is a comprehensive Web3 soccer platform that integrates voting + entertainment quiz + NFT world + Metaverse + Soccer development public welfare fund, etc. It is a de-centralized community governance completely organized by soccer clubs as DAO.


WWCC has no founder, no shareholder, only the initiator, only the community DAO organization, everyone is a shareholder, belongs to every person to create and build a shared Web3 platform, WWCC is a team formed by the soccer loving crypto enthusiasts and developers from the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, etc. WWCC will be DAO organization community co-construction, the global crypto enthusiasts who like soccer sports organize together to build a Web3 platform that is open and transparent, users hold data ownership and identity autonomy, and the value belongs to fans and users themselves to master the value of data, so that more fans and crypto enthusiasts can share the data dividends of the era of Web3 and the exciting World Cup journey.

WWCC world premiere online 1.0 system, 1.0 system innovation the world's first decentralized election voting, completely by the fans choose to vote, choose their favorite national team voting and choose their favorite players voting, this election voting completely free, open, fair, transparent, based on blockchain technology, data on the chain, can not be tampered with. All users who participate in the election voting can be rewarded with platform equity points, which can be exchanged for platform coins (the rules of exchange are pending the issuance plan of platform coins). Users who participate in election voting, voting for the champion national team and voting for the Golden Ball player can get very high BNB rewards. (Reward rules are subject to the platform announcement)


WWCC plans to go live in November to innovate the world's first decentralized soccer entertainment guessing ecology based on blockchain technology development and build a Web3 sharing platform between clubs, players and fans.

WWCC decentralized recreational betting provides fans with a decentralized platform with no bookmakers and no shady hands. A completely fair, transparent, free and clean crypto soccer entertainment betting platform.

WWCC is the world's first self-governing and self-managing DAO organization for soccer communities, breaking the rules of previous capital operations and reconstructing the innovative Web3 sharing economy between the stars of each club and their fans, inviting players to achieve mutual interaction and empowerment with fans through the platform for zero-distance social interaction.

WWCC plans to go live in December with the club as the DAO organization of decentralized user co-creation and sharing of the NFT world. NFT trading innovation using AMM market-making approach, solving the NFT liquidity problem, transaction aggregation problem.

Innovative invention casting NFT while issuing equivalent Token, NFT and Token with the same right, NFT and Token can be exchanged for each other, NFT can be destroyed, destruction of NFT at the same time destroy Token.

Innovative users trading NFT can be rewarded with platform equity points and hold NFT to enjoy the relevant rights and benefits.

Create a comprehensive Web3NFT platform that truly belongs to all participants.


WWCC will also develop the world of soccer meta-universe with new technology in the future. Through real-time broadcasting and zero latency communication as well as the use of VR technology, fans will participate in the intense and exciting scene of the game live from the perspective of the players, experiencing in a fantastic way the sense of participation excitement and accomplishment brought by the players themselves in a game.


WWCC launched 1.0 system at the same time to establish the first global soccer development public welfare organization based on blockchain technology to achieve decentralized public welfare fund management, the fund is committed to promoting the development of children's soccer in economically backward regions around the world, and supporting the development of children's soccer and children's disease health public welfare in backward countries around the world. The public welfare fund data information will be publicly and completely recorded on the chain, operating in a completely transparent, open and fair operation.


WWCC is a shared Web3 platform that belongs to all participants.

We are the champions, and together we take the initiative, each of us contributing all our resources and contacts to promote our own Ping Web3 platform with all our might.

Participate in voting, participate in trading, participate in promotion, just participate in the platform interaction, you can get the platform equity points reward, it is possible to get BNB, you can become WWCC platform shareholders, enjoy the WWCC platform development dividends.


Since the future, WWCC is the world's first user data co-creation to exchange shared platform value of decentralized self-care autonomous meta-universe world, a real sense of landing Web3 encryption application.

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