Torah Vortex Protocol: The 'Killer Product' for Data Storage and Carbon Neutral Trading Markets

Carbon neutrality has been seen as part of the solution to climate change in recent decades, at a time when carbon-intensive industries such as manufacturing, transportation and agriculture are accustomed to public criticism for their ecological shortcomings, data creation has become another issue. The world is creating more data every day than ever before, which of course means that data centers are also growing to accommodate the increasingly complex internet infrastructure.


Data storage centers, whether locally or in the cloud, consume a lot of energy and electricity. According to a recent McKinsey study, new devices connect to the internet every second, and data centers account for 1.8% of electricity consumption in the United States and 0.3% of global carbon dioxide emissions.

So, if data flows like water, many carbon emissions are required to keep them functioning. But if we do not reduce the requirements of data creation, make data storage more efficient, manage the life cycle of data intelligently, reduce the frequency of data calls and eliminate redundant data, reduce multiple copies of the same data set, and promote digital decarbonization, less harmful to the climate, and truly green in the near future.


Torah Vortex Protocol: An Environmentally Friendly Storage Solution

The Vortex Protocol is a more efficient distributed storage protocol that will iterate over existing storage methods. According to the basic structure of C60, the original protocol adopts partial storage as a whole to form a complete closed loop. When requesting data, select the node with the most complete resources nearby and send data to the requesting node. Like a vortex, when it reaches the exit, it will accelerate the formation of convergence. When uploading data, the protocol will select the node with the best resources (node duration, bandwidth and storage medium) to access the data.


The second-generation protocol improves three-dimensional performance according to the diamond structure, increases the in-depth interaction of data, and achieves the optimal access goal of decentralized data. It is the best solution in the realization process of WEB3.0.



Torah Vortex Protocol Technical Underlying Logic

The Vortex Protocol innovatively designed by Torah iterates on the traditional distributed storage method. When uploading data, the Vortex Protocol will select resources for accessing data, such as time, bandwidth, and storage. Meanwhile, improve the three-dimensional performance, increase the depth of data interaction, and achieve the goal of optimal access to decentralized data.


The Torah Vortex Protocol will adjust the output according to the storage capacity. The Vortex Protocol will analyze the discrete data in the container in advance, and use the incentive effect of the blockchain to improve the quality of storage, increase storage space, and reduce costs. Due to the needs and characteristics of storage itself, the value of the blockchain is reflected. For example, actual application scenarios, rigid market demands, and huge market space.



The underlying POD of the consensus mechanism of the Torah Vortex Protocol, namely Proof of Data interaction, optimizes the data storage process. Each Vortex node will store data files in sharding, encryption, distribution, low carbon, energy reduction, and Decentralized. In each storage node, through the matching of vortex nodes, each valid data is written and read across new technology.


Pioneer in The Data Storage and Carbon Neutral Trading Market

Torah adheres to the concept of green development, empowers the development of intelligent and low-carbon energy in the digital age, promotes global energy conservation and emission reduction, and becomes a pioneer in carbon neutral projects; Torah combines blockchain, Internet, big data and artificial intelligence with the real economy. Create a sustainable Internet smart ecology.



In the process of Torah's global deployment of carbon neutral ecology, in order to promote the realization of Torah's energy-saving and emission-reduction technology, Torah will also carry out technical cooperation with global institutions to actively promote the global application market of the Vortex Protocol.


Torah's Social Responsibility

Driven by the global economic development strategy, the rapid economic development has constantly put forward new requirements for energy, and energy reform is imminent; Torah further accelerates energy reform, optimizes the industrial structure and energy structure (distributed storage), and helps the global economy and society move towards green development.



The more digitized our economy becomes, the more we will continue to rely on data storage centers to support it. However, the environmental impact behind data production and storage can no longer be ignored. The significance of technological innovation is to find ways of environmentally sustainable development to bring value to society, and not to sacrifice the environment to carry the demand for data growth.


To achieve a balance between digitization and carbon neutrality, Torah will reduce carbon emissions by improving data storage, and innovatively proposing a rational layout of data collection, conversion, trading, storage, and consumption in accordance with modern international energy development plans. By digitizing all low-carbon behaviors, making full use of interconnection, co-construction and sharing, more digitization, informatization, intelligence, and efficiency, breaking industry barriers and making important contributions to the realization of global carbon-neutral development.

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