WWCC is launching a bounty program

We World Cup Champ, A Decentralized World Cup gaming platform.

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is about to begin. The world’s hottest sports competition has attracted the attention of more than 3 billion fans around the world. When blockchain technology and Web3 meet the World Cup, what kind of wealth story will collide?

We World Cup Champ is launching a bounty program so you can share your cryptocurrency project experience and contribute to the growth of the We World Cup Champ community while earning rewards!

WWCC is launching a bounty program so you can share your experience with cryptocurrency projects and contribute to the growth of the WWCC community while earning rewards!

Period: October 12 at 10:00 am — October 24 at 10:00 am (UTC+8)

Reward Pool: 1,000 USDT

Specific details

Task 1:

Make a video about WWCC: $ (depending on the video data).

Produce high quality videos about WWCC and the token, and then post them on the video channel (Youtube).

Original and professional videos will be rewarded more.


● Video must be WWCC related and contain participation in the poll

● Minimum view requirement: 200

● Accepted languages: No limit

● Minimum video length requirement: 3 minutes

● Video length requirement: 3–15 minutes

● Likes:At least 20



Task 2:

Write an article about WWCC:$

Original article about WWCC.


● The article must be related to WWCC and include the official website voting content

● Minimum words requirement: 500

● Reading quantity: At least 20

● Accepted languages: No limit

● Social platforms published: Medium, Steemit, Publish0x, CoinTelegraph, LinkedIn, Reddit, Personal blog or any other mainstream platform worldwide.



Task 3:

Create a local WWCC community: $+ official support

Create a WWCC local community that will be officially supported by WWCC.


● Must be about the WWCC community

● Minimum number of people required in the community: 200

● Accepted languages: No limit

● The community must be active every day with posts (at least 100 messages per day)

● Community platform: Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Blog, or any other platform.

● Bonus: 100U — 200U

● Bring members of the group to participate in the official website poll


Steps for submission and bonus.

1. Complete any of the above list of tasks.

2. Join the Bounty Hunter telegram group.

3. Send your video, article, username or link to the community and @ the admin in the telegram group

4. Your entry will be reviewed by admin after submission

5. Receive a reward after passing the review!

Looking forward to your participation!

6. Extra points (mentioned in the article & video to vote, drive the vote, can be added)

7. Drive voting bonus: 200USDT extra bonus

Looking forward to your participation!

Contact: Official Twitter or contact the community administrator.

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