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One Simple Action to Increase Your Airdrop Eligibility for Projects on Solana and More

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Pyth Network: Under the Radar

Welcome to the forefront of the Web3 revolution, where the rules of the financial game are being rewritten every day. In this rapidly evolving digital landscape, keeping pace means staying informed about the most promising opportunities in decentralized finance (DeFi). Today, we're zooming in on a gem that's been somewhat under the radar yet is crucial in the DeFi space - the Pyth Network, and more specifically, the art and science of staking $PYTH.

Understanding $PYTH and Its Ecosystem

$PYTH is more than just a token; it's the heartbeat of the Pyth Network, a platform redefining how financial data works in the blockchain world. The network boasts high-fidelity, low-latency data crucial for DeFi's growth, overcoming limitations faced by legacy oracles. What makes $PYTH stand out? Its widespread adoption by top-tier Web3 projects like DriftProtocol, Parcl, Marginfi, and ZetaMarkets. These heavy hitters rely on Pyth for its robust price feeds and market data, signaling $PYTH's pivotal role in the ecosystem.

The Case for Staking $PYTH

So, why stake $PYTH? Staking is not just about locking up tokens; it's an active participation in the network's health and governance. Despite its critical role, $PYTH staking often flies under the radar. Here's the catch - by staking $PYTH, you're not just supporting the network; you're potentially positioning yourself for future rewards. With the trend of projects utilizing Pyth data leaning towards rewarding their stakeholders, your $PYTH stake could be a ticket to future airdrops and benefits.

How to Stake $PYTH

Staking $PYTH is a straightforward process. First, swap for some $PYTH on Solana using Jupiter Exchange.

Then, head to and stake your tokens - a minimum of 1,000 $PYTH is recommended. Once you're in, your stake activates at the next epoch, which rolls around every Thursday. Participation doesn't end at staking; it's just the beginning. Engage in governance proposals, cast your votes, and be an active member of the Pythian community.

The Advantages of Joining the Pythian Community

Being part of the Pyth Network community is more than just staking tokens; it's about being at the forefront of DeFi innovation. Through the network's official social channels and events, you'll gain insights, hear from thought leaders, and stay abreast of the latest developments.

Bonus: With tools like, you can authenticate your non-bot, non-sybil status, potentially unlocking more future benefits.

Two Birds & One Stone: Layer3's Quest

Following this blog post instructions, you can now engage with this Layer3 Quest about Pyth Network and claim some XP points. With the Layer3 v2 coming soon, it's always a good idea to get as much XP as possible.


With its robust architecture and adoption by leading projects, the Pyth Network is a crucial player in the Web3 world. By staking $PYTH, you're joining a community that's shaping the landscape of decentralized finance. So, why wait? Dive into the world of $PYTH, stake your assets, and be part of the movement redefining finance.

Bonus: Staking 1,000 $PYTH will make you above the bottom 55% of stakers. Staking over 2,000 $PYTH will place you in the top 20% - which is an even more ideal position to be in. As of Jan. 18th - 2024, 30,900 users are staking their $PYTH.


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