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It's time

its been some time since my last blog post. i mean, its been a week. might not sound like too long for your normie friend doing his 9 to 5. but you darlings aint no 9 to 5 peeps. this is crypto. not only. this is farcaster. farcaster is 24/7, cause farcaster gonna transform this economy, and transforming the economy requires 24/7.

its been some time, but now its time. what a ride. not gonna do a recap here. you've been following along. you know what i mean. and you also now whats coming, so no need to be too specific.

just a quick note to let you know its time.

details are being cooked up. we want everything to be "al dente".

farcon coming soon, what an opportunity. did you here anything about IRL tipping? you should check out the /long channel. dont think i need to add any further info. quite intuitive right? what if you could tip people, in real life?

if you can not bring the world onchain, then bring onchain to the world. hit me up if you wanna meet at LA.

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