Just believe

its been a busy week, its a low-energy day. one of the coolest things about being long on humans is that... it doesn't matter. cause we aint here for the sprint.

humans have been around for quite some time, so a lazy day aint gonna change much. not sure how long though. let me google that for you so we find out together...

well according to google its like 2 million years. wasnt expecting such a high number. its been some time since i last read about the origin of humankind. but i do remember some things from my time studying the past. not gonna go too deep on anthropological considerations that will bore you to help. just gonna highlight 2 things. or maybe 3. to be honest, i dont even know what are the things ill highlight. im thinking about it on the go. guess the best way to come up with something is just setting up 2 bullet points, maybe 3.

yep, you are right, lets do it. heres the 2/3 things i want to highlight:

  1. its all about coordination

  2. coordination is only possible thanks to the creation of myths

  3. what set us apart from other species aint our thumbs, its our ability to create myths, and believe in them

the homo sapiens survived against other very similar "humanish" species because they (us) could coordinate better, because they (us) had the ability to tell stories in which people could believe.

and there's nothing like believing in something.

believing is stronger than anything else.

believing moves the world forward.

so, my darling, just believe

in whatever you want

what do i believe?

me, i believe

in humans

note: hope you appreciate how the las sentences are getting shorter and shorter. not sure if that would look good on a book. might give me cringe to be honest. but who cares. this is crypto. and we are all gonna die anyway. or maybe not. but in any case, whatever happens to you and me, humans will prevail. and thats our path to transcendence. progress is our path to redemption.

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