Shall it be eggs?

should it be eggs? should it be capsules? should it be just points? there are 2 ways in which we can tackle this challenge. first option is to play the clown and pretend it does make a difference. option number 2 is just riding along, picking whatever our guts mandate and assimilating randomness.

think about it for a second. how many if i had / if i hadn’t can you recall in your life. where would you be now if it wasn’t for that person you met a few years ago by pure coincidence? let’s put it this way. say your life is a discrete series of instant. each instant lasting 12 seconds (pun intended). and your reality is a state machine updated by every instant. deciding on eggs in instant 10 will modify forever the content of all other instants following, whether you like it or not. but not only it will immensely change your future, it will do so in unpredictable ways.

what’s gonna be the real difference between eggs and capsules? how is it possible to even believe there’s a right choice when we are absolutely unaware of the results of our decisions. im not even bringing along deterministic ideas, which would make this whole 3 am piece of writing completely irrelevant.

i think we both know the answer to our current dilemma. you and i, from the beginning of the special bond that ties us from now and forever, know what we are gonna do. think about it yourself. how do you think i will decide on eggs and capsules?

i think we also know what’s gonna be de answer. i can’t explain why. and maybe thats exactly what i need to look for. just acknowledging that not only it’s not gonna make that big difference, but also that the answer is already there within me, and you, me dearest friend. because you know the truth lies in eggs, and so shall be done.

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