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That my darling, is quite something

its been busy days. we've around farcaster for about a week. maybe 8 days, maybe 9. dont get me wrong. these are not our first rides on crypto. but for sure one of the most enjoyable. not sure if its the reply guys, the bots, the storytelling, the cool people, the frames, the promise of taking the world onchain. maybe its the promise of finally having a product that folks use for something different than just getting yield.

i had a dinner, i had. it was like 4 years ago. about 10 people summoned around melted cheese on top of a pizza. one of them, who i barely knew, caught me up with this thought that still runs through my head.

he said he had never met anyone who used a blockchain without expecting to leave that blockchain with more money than he put in. think it this way. you go to the cinema. you take 100 bucks with you. and you know you'll get back home with less money. you will spend some of that money, and you'll be happy. you go to dinner, same case. vacation, same case. football game, idem.

no one, however, goes to a blockchain with 100 bucks expecting to leave it with less than that, and still be happy. you can shitcoin your life away, of course, but you'll certainly wont be happy.

he said, this very smart guy, blockchains are gonna suck, until we finally have anything to do thats not just waiting to get more money.

is that gonna be farcaster? not so sure. still see too many people are in for the cash. but we are having a lot of fun. and yes, it might be the case that we expect millions of dollars to magically appear on our wallets, either because there's an airdrop, or we buy the next degen, or degen itself goes to 100 bucks. but if that's not the case, and i lose all the money i've put into channels, degen, nfts and random interactions on this new onchain society, ill still be happy.

and that my darling, is quite something.

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