3 Unique AI-Powered Productivity Tools

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I noticed ChatGPT was down today because it is at maximum capacity. A moment of silence for the students who can't use AI to write essays anymore.

While we wait for ChatGPT to come back, here are 3 of my favorite AI tools you can use to increase your productivity.

Disclaimer: This is an unpaid post and I am unaffiliated with any of the following companies. I do not receive any commission even if you sign up.

1. Use Elicit to find answers from research papers

I like to use Elicit when I'm doing research. It's an incredible website that tells you which papers to read and summarizes them for you.

For example, a few days ago I wanted to know "What is the relationship between alpha brain waves and anxiety?"

Elicit would list out related papers and related answers to my question. This is way better than any Google search.

2. Use Copy.ai to brainstorm marketing texts

I find Copy.ai helpful when I specifically wanted marketing-related answers. You write a short prompt, select a tone, and then the website will generate 15+ ideas in a few seconds.

3. Use Descript to edit podcasts

I love Descript for editing podcasts. They also have video editing features but I've never tried those. This tool makes editing podcasts as easy as editing blog posts. You edit audio by selecting texts.

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