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While crypto can be one of the most exciting technology frontiers, it is also a source of great overwhelm, addiction, and anxiety.

Crypto, Coffee & Memes aims to break down the crypto landscape in a fun and digestible way.

Let’s get to it!

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Week 1: July 18-22, 2022

  1. EthCC the largest annual European Ethereum gathering is taking place this week in Paris

    My thoughts as a participant:

    • Best time to hold parties is the first day of the conference when energy is super high and people are looking to connect

    • For networking cocktail events it's unnecessary to hire famous DJs. It's not the music that draws people. Better to use that money to extend the event for one more day

    • There are too many interesting things worth doing, events worth attending, and people worth meeting. You should have a set of principles to help make priorities & decisions

    • For me, it is prioritizing discussion groups, walks with friends, my physical and mental health

    I created a list of Paris recommendations. Link to Google Map here.

  2. Arthur Hayes “A Samurai, A Knight, and a Yankee” essay summary

    I’ve read the 40 mins long article so you don’t have to.

    TLDR: The feds will engage in accounting tricks (printing money) to prevent EU and Japan central banks from collapsing. Crypto bear market may end soon.

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