1-2-3: A New Dawn

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07 Feb, 2024

1. Photo

I haven't been working out as much since my daughter was born. Mostly because of how tired I have been with lack of sleep. But now we are in a rhythm, so this felt amazing.

2. Thoughts

Currently I am reading "Creators" by Paul Johnson and this quote stuck with me.

Sometimes the poverty of creators is not the fault of the system but of individual weakness

What this means to me is that sometimes, we blame the circumstances around us instead of finding creative ways to persevere or continue creating. It is easier to blame and deflect than take personal responsibility.

My other thought is, do I do a deep dive piece on Bobby Hundreds and The Hundreds or Takashi Murakami? I am leaning towards The Hundreds since I am way more familiar with that line of work with me being into street wear when I was younger. Thoughts?

The first link is this one by FullyOnChain and Greyblock. On how to mint onchain.

The second link is for an app called onceupon. I ran into this on Farcaster and how it was used to better create content for a newsletter. So I decided to create a group for the wallets I did have from my readers and plug it in so I can see if there are any gaps or anything that already interests my readers so I can better serve them.

The final link for this post is Farcaster related as well. Farcaster User Stats is helping me explore my Farcaster data in unique ways, again to see if I can get some insights on how to engage my community.

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