1-2-3: Parenthood and SoraAI

1. Photo

I went to Europe last summer for over 5 weeks and it was a blast. It is a bit nuts to think we went out there for that long with a sub 9 month old kid but it was well worth it. This picture is from San Sebastian which I could see myself living there and raising a family.

2. Thoughts

OpenAI recently announced a text to video editor, called SoraAI. In a world where AI images and videos keep getting better and better, exponentially. How the hell are we supposed to tell what is real? The thought that comes to mind is taking some of the principles of PGP and want it wanted to do and attest a message or something as really being you. A digital cryptographic signature that user can use validate to verify it was truly you. With most blockchains supporting a public and private key, I don't think we are too far away for this becoming a reality.

I am currently struggling with juggling it all. My current job had layoffs, and a policy change back to the office every single day. And I don't really know how to juggle it all, being present as a parent, taking care of myself, my wife and the content creation. For now I am focused on prioritizing each and every single day and being okay with dropping the balls on occasion.

Currently I am working on my capture and processing system (again). I tend to do this on occasion but I have settled on a system that I will keep for a bit. Nothing is really changing drastically but I now know I will use LogSeq for work and Obsidian for personal. If you have ever wanted good tools to capture notes, thoughts or any knowledge, I highly recommend those tools depending on what you are after. Will be looking to publish my notes soon enough via static site generator or something else.

I recently turned of collectibles for my newsletter and to my surprise, people collected my newsletter. It feels great to have people want to collect my work even if it is a for a nominal amount ($1). It indicates to my people like my work. For that reason, I am currently in discussions and exploring pods, which will enable me to do the same but with my podcast.

I am still wrapping my head around if I want to use this service. But what Farchiver.xyz is doing with our warpcast data and then exporting it to Obisian has my interest piqued. Currently I do get some tweets saved via readwise to my Obsidian but it is mostly due to the newsletter as it is a part of my workflow. So the same premise does seem interesting to me with Farcaster, but I worry I will have a ton of notes and scattered thoughts in my Obsidian without really getting a benefit out it (I think).

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