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This one is going to be a different than usual as I spent the week in New York for NFT NYC. So let’s dive in!

Last week I dropped my latest episode with Omgidrawedit. Make sure to collect the post, as I will be using the ownership data for my future collabs, the mint is free so you have nothing to lose. Whenever pods finalized their plans to move existing podcasts to Base, I will be doing that as well.

Speaking of the podcast, I plan to be better about dropping new episodes in between interviews. I’ve been working on a mobile set up to record on the go and to have less of an excuse and I am finalizing all that. Between Market Muse updates and a new segment I am calling Blocks (thank you Macvynls) I should have enough to speak about in between the interviews and should get into a rhythm.

On April 17th, I will be dropping my next Artist Feature, this time with Lex Doom. Premium subscribers will get access to the post before public. I have two new AMA opportunities for premium subscribers. Make sure to follow my channel on Farcaster where I give regular updates.


Well I finally went to my first official event. It was a quick 48 hours for me but one that I am glad I did. I did not jam pack my calendar as that isn’t my vibe but I did get to three types of meet ups. On my first night I got to go meet with folks from the Monsters server aka where it all started for me in regards to NFTs. I spend a considerable amount of time in that server and a small group of people from that server I speak to almost daily. It was great to be able to break bread and enjoy a nice Raman. The funny thing about Web3 is, I still felt awkward about it. Even though I had spoken at length with some people it takes a second to adjust since now you can put a face to a alias/name but once you get going, it is as if you knew each other all along.

Another event, was one I was helping plan with OG. OG is definitely a veteran when it comes to these events as I swear he goes to all of them and has the energy of a 21 year old (also happy birthday friend). We had a really good turn out, we kept it small intentionally, and folks got to meet those at the table, talk and reconnect with old friends or make new ones. A speed that is more my style.

I ended up going and almost not going to the XCOPY meet up. Luckily Nifty NewYorker talked me out of leaving and had a great time in a smaller group setting. I spoke to some collectors, artists at length and it was great connecting with others I have spoken to in the XCOPY server and elsewhere.

Planning in real life events with web3 folks can be a hoot. As some of us use PFPs and aliases, knowing if someone walking into the bar or restaurant is there for your event or just a regular bystander enjoying life can be a fun thing to see unfold. The bartender accidentally sent my group away somewhere away from me, and she asked don’t you know what they look like, the answer is no/welcome to web3.


Manifold celebrated its 3rd birthday this past week. The company that does so much for the space and empowers artists, congrats on the anniversary!


Party recently announced their iOS app bringing your DAO, group chat and everything else into your pocket. Some DAOs have been having a hard time on continuing activity and engagement and having a native mobile app should help with some of this.


Pods recently announced that they support Base as a chain. As most of you know, I use this service to create collectible podcast episodes and will definitely be moving to Base once they announce how to migrate over which is coming.


Farcaster added another great feature this week, dubbed actions. And we are already seeing some great use cases that some builders are taking advantage of. From jtgi creating a % based degen tip action, removing all the math for you. To quickly checking a user, how much time they have left in their fabric subscription. Knowing how awesome the community is, I am sure we will see some great use cases in the future.

The word for this weeks read is, “NYC”. Make sure to get in on the fun and giveaways.

Notable Sales

The Doomed (red) sold for 22ETH. XCOPY remains hot during this market. I really do think if you have not been acquiring NFTs during this bear, you are missing out on some gems. Other examples of XCOPY sales this week were Best-case Scenario sold for 19.5ETH and The Deadness sold for 20.0ETH.

Hello Admin PM Me traded hands this past week, we still don’t have word on how much for this older XCOPY piece but I am sure it was a pretty penny.

The Silence Is So Loud by Eastoire sold for 0.99ETH. One of my favorite pieces by Eastoire, congrats to the buyer.


Entei - 1st Edition Holo PSA 10 sold for over 4k on Courtyard. For those not familiar with Pokemon, Neo Revelation cards are some of the hardest cards to get in PSA 10 as the quality of printing and the holo was really sensitive so this card is a gem.


Things I am looking forward to. announced minting and rewards with $degen coming soon. As the price of $degen has cooled, actions like this will further cement this token into our history/lore as a community.

Before moving on from $DEGEN, you can now accept the token on a twitch stream. Which makes me even more bullish as well.

You can now vote for props in a DAO via a frame and they are getting better/smarter at deploying these. DAO had struggled for a bit with activity, engagement and just people remembering to vote. Farcaster is revitalizing and making the experience of being in a DAO more seamless.

Seemingly out of nowhere Tezos development is alive again and now we have our 1st mover, being TEIA, which now supports Frames on Farcaster. It is a simple deployment, but one that hopes will revitalize Tezos.


Nike SB always has some of the wildest collabs and they really explore and push themselves with that brand. These High Dunks are no exceptions to that list.


These Murakami slips look pretty awesome as well. He should have partnered with Hoka as their slips are some of the most comfortable in the game.


I’ve always wanted to collect a racing helmet for my collection of artifacts and this F1 helmet for the Japan race is really nice.


Meme Of The Week

Honestly, give this whole thread a read, I legit cracked up way too hard at some of these. But this one got me real good.


Have a great rest of your week!

CIAHOAD-Rick James

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