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Gramajo’s Corner


It’s been a bit but thank you for the patience. For those that didn’t know, my father was deported a couple days into the pandemic, so when I head over there I tend to be super focused on being present and enjoying my time with him, especially since this time around he was meeting my daughter for the first time.

I have a couple WL spots for readers of this newsletter for a new project ASA and Absolutely Wrong are working on which reimagines Toadz the pfp project by Gremplin. So if you want a spot, just shoot me a message with your eth wallet (it is on base) and I will get you on the list. Premium subscribers are automatically in.

I am also running a giveaway for a web3 based book, on Farcaster, all you have to do is recast and click the button on the frame. I am currently adding about 30+ new subscribers a day so it shouldn’t take long to hit 1k.

On the podcast, I am still waiting to migrate to Base, but I recently enabled texting so you can shoot me a message to reach out regarding the podcast. I redid all the images as they are now all NFTs and the end result is amazing.

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I recently redid the discord I run to support the podcast, newsletter and hypersub as they are all onchain now. Feel free to join and check it out.

On May 15th, I will be dropping my latest artist feature with Bassil Taleb which I am really excited to share. On May 24th, I will drop another episode of the podcast, this time with Jake from Courtyard. As always, Ogi subscribers get early access.

Lastly, Zealy board is on pause for now, as I am exploring an onchain alternative that will make it way easier for users to gather points. The goal is, you will will get points based on onchain activity so no doing manual entries or anything. As long as you collect my newsletter, podcast or whatever, you will get points which then I will use to reward you.


Noncompetes have now been fully banned, not just in California, but everywhere in the USA. Go get your paper boo boo.



Before we dive into what happened this past week, I want to spend some time to highlight something to you all. In the past couple of months, the US Government has done the following:

And you may ask yourself, why the fuck would I care, it doesn’t impact me. And you are right, most of this does not impact you, but something to keep in mind is that the USA is one of the best places to build a company or get funding and going after innovative companies will drive away the development of crypto companies here in the USA which will take away from jobs in the future. This type of behavior whether you agree with the above or not, is not conducive to development. Other countries see this and are taking advantage of it, like Portugal. And based on what the USA is doing with TikTok, we are just going to see the same thing in a couple of years when they say “oh hey, that popular crypto app is based outside the country, we don’t like them, BAN”. Just something to think about, vote with your money, voice and actual voting.

Alright back to shithead central. A bit of older news, but worth highlighting since I was off for two weeks. Stripe one of the largest payment processors in the world will be accepting crypto this summer. As if onchain summer v2 couldn’t get spicier, this will expand merchants that will accept or at least discuss about accepting crypto.

Coinbase recently announced support for the Lightning network on BTC. This should make withdrawing way cheaper for many. Coinbase has been really killing it these past couple of months and they did not miss a stride with this move. Coinbase is also working on dropping their new smart wallet, which many suspect will leverage passkeys which should make it even easier to onboard the masses. We should have more information soon on this development.

Privy, one of the apps helping other web3 companies onboard the masses by making it as easy as possible to create an account, launched a new way to recover a wallet with a cloud provider (think icloud or google drive). Privy wallets have previous been deployed as 2/3 wallets. With the following pieces:

  • Device share

  • Auth share (Privy stored)

  • Recovery share (e2ee, only accessible to the user)

Which means, you needed two of the above to be able to recover/use your wallet. Now recovery share can be stored on your cloud provider, meaning if you lose your device between the Privy stored share and your own, you can recover and use your wallet. Really great job to the Privy team!

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Moving to the purple side of things, SuperRare this past week announced tipping via $RARE on Farcaster. Which is a move I really love. I have been really enjoying watching how other web3 companies are tapping into the culture being built on Farcaster and some of the powers the bots, actions or frames are enabling. To me this bring way more day to day utility to $RARE. Which is already a token that you can stake on an artist, use for decision on protocol and more.

Speaking unique ways web3 companies are using Farcaster, Courtyard super charged their vending machine concept from their website and brought it to frames which really brought out the allure of this app. From the comfort of your timelines you can spend ETH, DEGEN, USDC and partake in ripping packs in the chase for a rare card. The crazy part about all this is Courtyard is on Polygon but thanks to some tech behind the scenes (decentxyz) you would have no clue, which to me is the future. We want to onboard people and them not have to worry about not having a specific token, they just interact and the tech takes care of it all. It was a really seamless and instantaneous process. I will be having Joe Petrich (Head of Engineering at Courtyard) on the podcast soon enough and I can’t wait to geek out over this frame.

DEGEN season 3 wrapped up close to a week ago and all of our allowances got slashed. But that has not stopped development on DEGEN and the DEGEN chain from continuing. You can now create an ETH savings account that automatically DCA’s into DEGEN. Frames recently announced support for DEGEN L3 Chain support and Paybot was one of the 1st frames to take advantage of this. And seeing as now you can mint NFTs on DEGEN L3, thanks to this marketplace, it won’t be long before we have a frame that will support minting on DEGEN L3 on a frame.

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Farcon was this past week and lets just say, people are cooking. As someone that was not present but plan to be there next year if invited. Here are some of things that stood out to me (rapid fire). I have covered Daimo before, but it looks like a new competitor is out there, called Plink. What is interesting about this app is they also want to track expenses for groups, which is super convenient and something i’ve used with friends when we vacation together. Castoverflow, I personally love stackover flow as someone who likes to learn more and more technical stuff, so having one tied to our social graph is amazing. Another one that stood out to me was Sonata. This one rewards users for suggesting new music and as someone who really enjoys finding new music and pushing myself out of my comfort zone, this was awesome to see.

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Notable Sales

🫶 (laserEyes palette) by ACK sold for 15ETH to Raoul.

Edward Snowden - Decentral Eyes - Variant 01 by Coldie sold for 65ETH. A bit of an old one but still an insane sale. Congrats to Coldie who has been hot these past couple of months.


DISCONNECT by XCOPY sold for 136ETH, at this stage, everyone should own an XCOPY piece, if not, go buy that fly at least. Another XCOPY piece, titled Death by Algorithm sold for 256 ETH.

Yall we fucked up big, we are out here buying JPGs and memecoins but this dude out here buying cardboard. An Alpha Black Lotus card sold for $3 million USD.



Things I am looking forward to.

Fresh from his collab with Magic The Gathering, Sadboi is dropping a new piece titled “Slay Your Demons” based on Archangel Michael. I’ve been on the hunt for a Sadboi piece to make my own, but I always enjoy the behind the scenes and historical references and story behind the creation of Sadboi. Definitely worth checking on May 7th.


Tezos has really stepped it up ever since I talked a bit of crap about the devs not embracing Farcaster and it appears that more and more users are creating and trying to revive Tezos. Andre seems to be up to something on their end and it has me intrigued.

Image embeds on cast

Even with the US Government breathing down their back, Uniswap is teasing us with working on a frame. Being able to use Uniswap in a frame would be absolutely NUTS.


Not really sure if people knew this about me, but I really enjoy a high quality tie clothing and this Kith tie dye hoodie is to die for.


I do love some nice olive and orange shoes and these Palace x Adidas shoes are tempting for duck hunting season.


Well it looks like we have officially reached a point where I can consider myself old. It wasn’t having a kid or getting married, it was the re release of old sneakers that got me lol. The Galaxy foamposites are back.


Meme Of The Week

Not really a meme, but be definitely be careful what you ask for as the internet will find ways to roast you sometimes when you least expect it haha. Grant Yun was reminded of this, this past week with this post by Batsoupyum.



Have a great rest of your week!

CIAHOAD-Rick James

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