850 Million Reasons To Be Bullish On Crypto | Issue #76

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I’ve always known that Yungwknd does some crazy stuff onchain as a coder, builder and artist but these past couple of weeks and months he REALLY has taken it to another level. He recently dropped a new piece titled Black Hole Taxy, which on the face is a nice piece. But under the hood of this piece is a smart contract where the collector spends ETH but the artist in this case yungwknd, receives USDC. Now this may not seem impressive to some or why does it even matter? But for alot of artists, this will be a game changer. This will make your CPA believe in you again, only for you to let them down when you receive an airdrop for using OnlyFeet token.

The Doomed DAO unlocked a new achievement and officially earned its name this past week. They have completed the full set of The Doomed by XCOPY. DAOs get a bad rap sometimes in the space for losing engagement or not being cohesive enough but this is a great accomplishment by the group.

Over on the Ordinals side, Postwoolk/Natasha is dropping a super dope collection. The main gist is the day the sat was mined will influence the color and visuals as it is using satellite data from that time to influence the art being presented. Really great stuff and showing the power of ordinals. There is more to this project so I suggest checking it out.

Another project dropping on the day of this newsletter is by Jcode. This one is a gen art project and open edition. More and more artist are minting on BTC and I am here for it.

Beyond The Arches

We’ve been seeing a lot more VC movement in the crypto space and specifically on the farcaster side of things. Paradigm just announced they raised some more funds, so buckle up, it is about to get spicy.

Farcaster now supports longer casts, precisely casts that are 1024 character long. This was discussed in public for a while and glad to see it get over the finish line. Keep in mind that this was discussed not too long ago and it is already live. I will keep saying this until those not on Farcaster believe me, but the pace in this place is nuts.

With many of us testing a bunch of new apps on Farcaster, this tool by Stephan is extremely timely as you remove permissions from apps, those messages get removed from your Farcaster profile as well. This tools help you migrate your messages from one app to another with ease. I think this process will get easier as time goes by, but for now I am happy we have a tool to help people in the meantime.

Bonfire recently announces season passes. Which is a really cool new way to provide benefits but for a certain amount of time. Having more tools to launch custom experiences is always appreciated. FVCKRENDER took advantage of this to offer behind the scenes look of a new gallery they are building and more.

Tofui, caught my attention this past week for being a minimal farcaster interface that is gorgeous. I love apps that go for that terminal look and operate like one. It is not everyone's cup of tea, but sometime simpler really is better.

There is another platform that now lets you launch your own channel token, called far_terminal by Carlos. This one is a good looking app and what I find the differentiator between this and other apps that help you create your own tokens is that it ties a bit closer to Farcaster where I believe the synergies are stronger. You can airdrop tokens to community members that contribute to your community etc.

Notable Sales

Moderate Decay by DieWithTheMostLikes sold for 30k. I think the crazier thing that stood out to me about this piece is the fact that Pindar Van Arman has a bunch of robots making meat art. Explaining Die’s art and the robots is one hell of a story.

As most of you know, I don’t typically talk about PFPs on here. But this Noun caught my attention. Noun 1142 sold for 5.44 ETH.

SIMULACRUM by XCOPY sold for 5 ETH. Still one of my favorite onchain pieces by XCOPY, but I am a bit biased.

Doom Vision Pro by Lexdoom sold for 0.5 ETH.


A Twitter Spaces that is decentralized has a ton of competition and Farhouse, seems to be inching their way closer to Twitter like for like functionality with the teaser of spaces chat coming. I personally have never liked the way chat has been done on Spaces, so let’s see if this is better even than what Twitter has.

Sahil, announced the first iteration of more lego blocks channel owners and really anyone to build on. Essentially this would be power badges that are decentralized per channel and more. Really awesome to see this happening as well as the feedback loop between channel owners and those creating moderation tools like Jtgi.

Gramajo’s Corner

Started a new job this past week and it was Father’s day this past weekend, so nothing major to report on this end.

I finished editing the Dalek episode and premium subscribers have had access since Friday to listen. The episode will drop this Friday for everyone else. Really great episode on someone who has been at this for a very long time.

Other than that, I had some calls with some more artists and builders for the next batch of podcast and newsletter features. Got a couple of other things in the hopper as well as we will have our first artist drop of the year shortly. I’ve been stacking these up so they come out on a more regular basis.


Have you ever been curious about how Coinbase chose its name. Brian confirmed some suspicion that it came from the Bitcoin wiki, the .com domain was available and reasonable and the rest is history. Cool little fact for you all this onchain summer.


Nothing this week.

Meme Of The Week

I am going to tell myself that this person waited for Father’s Day weekend to drop this one, which gave me a good chuckle.

Honorary meme by DWR.


Have a great rest of your week!

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