A Deep Dive into the Intersection of NFTs, Art, and Technology: A Conversation with OG, Die, C4, and Cowboy

MoneyNeverSleeps Ep. 06


  1. The NFT Market is Maturing: As noted by C4 and Die, the NFT market is evolving. It's moving away from a more speculative environment to one where collectors are genuinely interested in the art and the artists. This shift is leading to deeper connections between artists and their audiences.

  2. Artistic Challenges are Real: The conversation among the artists revealed that creating and selling art in the digital world isn't an easy feat. There is a newfound recognition of the challenges faced by artists in crafting and marketing their work, making the space more realistic and grounded.

  3. Mixed Views on Technology: While technology, particularly AI, can be a powerful tool, its role in the creative process is contentious. While some artists like OG have successfully integrated AI into their work, others like Die and C4 view it with skepticism, preferring to maintain the purity of their original vision.

  4. Impact of Upbringing: The artists' upbringing and personal experiences greatly influence their art. Themes of desolation, decay, and the past, influenced by their roots in North Indiana, find a way into their creations. However, all the artists are committed to not being limited by their past and aim to continually push the boundaries of their creativity.

  5. The Value of Formal Art Education: Cowboy's viewpoint illustrates that formal art education can be a double-edged sword. While it can provide an understanding of art history and techniques, it might also act as a constraint on creative freedom, particularly in a space as innovative and evolving as the NFT market.

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Longer Summary

The recent roundtable discussion with OG, DieWithAsManyLikes (“Die”), C4rdinal (“C4”), and Cowboy, three celebrated digital artists, provided an illuminating snapshot into the evolving landscape of the NFT market and the role technology plays in their creative process.

The conversation began with OG posing a thought-provoking question about how Die and C4 feel about the changing dynamics of the NFT market. C4 shared his view that the market is returning to its roots where collectors and artists can establish deeper connections. The trend he notices is that collectors are becoming more discerning, more invested in the works they acquire, therefore fostering a stronger bond with artists.

Echoing C4's sentiments, Die noted a shift in the participant demographics. Those who are truly passionate about the NFT space are the ones persisting, thus creating a community of dedicated enthusiasts. OG concurred, emphasizing that the glamour of simply creating and minting indiscriminately is fading, replaced by the realization of the genuine challenges faced by artists.

Cowboy elaborated on this transition, likening it to a rite of passage. From the initial thrill of minting and selling anything, artists and collectors alike are becoming aware of the significant work that goes into creating art and sustaining its value.

The discussion then moved to technology's impact on their work, a topic that unearthed mixed feelings among the group. Die expressed his hesitation towards AI integration in his work, fearing that it might dilute his original vision. C4, while acknowledging technology's power to connect people, shared Die's concerns. He's wary of the addictive nature of Web3 and aims for a balanced relationship with technology. Cowboy added to the discourse by mentioning his thoughts on technology obsolescence - a cycle of attraction followed by disregard for new tech.

Contrarily, OG shared a unique perspective where AI has played a pivotal role in his work, enabling him to decipher over 14,000 images and enhancing his collector instincts.


The topic of formal art education stirred interesting viewpoints, particularly from Cowboy. Despite being formally trained in art, he feels this knowledge can sometimes act as a constraint, contrasting with many artists in the NFT space who create freely without such educational backgrounds.

An intriguing aspect of the conversation was the influence of their upbringing on their work. The melancholy of North Indiana's landscapes, marked by desolation and decay, reflects in the art of three speakers from the region. Their art encapsulates these feelings of emptiness and memories of the past, providing a poignant narrative.

Despite their varying viewpoints on technology's role in art, the artists universally echoed their commitment to pushing the boundaries of their creativity, to not let their past dictate the trajectory of their artistic journey. As Die noted about C4rdinal, whose mother was an artist, he carries forward her artistic legacy while simultaneously carving his own path, an enduring testament to the transformative power of art.

In this enlightening conversation, OG, Die, C4, and Cowboy offered invaluable insights into the interplay of art, technology, and NFTs, revealing the passion, struggles, and evolution that characterize their journeys in this vibrant space.

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