Analyzing the Future of Crypto - BTC, ETH, Solana, and Multichain Trends

In this episode of Market Muse, Gramajo delves into the latest developments in the cryptocurrency world. He discusses the recent performance of ETH and BTC, speculating on the impact of future ETF news. Gramajo highlights the trend toward multichain usage and the implications for artists navigating various blockchains for NFT minting. Privacy concerns surrounding the delisting of privacy coins from exchanges and the burning of NFT artworks are also examined. The episode concludes with a review of notable NFT sales and auctions, offering insights into the evolving landscape of digital art. Join us for this insightful exploration of the current trends and challenges in the crypto and NFT markets.

00:00 Etherscan acquired, Vulcan supports Solana, VC money.
06:12 Artists adapting to new digital market trends.
07:16 BTC side technology diverse, adapting for NFTs.
13:33 Zcash faces challenges, privacy remains a concern.
16:10 Rapid events, Max Payne joke, collector's dilemma.
19:24 Notice similarities in artists' work and drops.
22:50 BTC art scene booming with high bids.

Zealy word is multichain

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