Behind The Screen - Ivan Casis Jr

Episode6: Gramajo (@0xGramajo) is joined by Ivan Casis Jr (@icasis). A multidiciplinary artist from Latin America who has recently been making waves in the Web3 space.

From the vibrant landscapes of Panama to the bustling art scene in Argentina, Ivan has traversed an intriguing journey from acclaimed architect to an innovative NFT artist. This episode unfolds a riveting conversation with Ivan as we traverse his fascinating life journey, his passion for technology, and the transformation he's seen in the art world through the dawn of the digital age. We reflect on his days in the analog world of architecture and how he adapted to the digital frontier, while exploring his art inspirations and the birth of his unique isometric drawings.

We transition into the world of Web3 Art as Ivan reveals his strategic niche carving, and his efforts to create a recognizable visual language. An interesting element of this conversation centers around the relevance of memes in modern culture and the choices that artists must make when choosing the right platforms to achieve the right exposure. Ivan elaborates on his experience with platforms such as Super Rare, Nifty Gateway, and the Foundation, and how they've impacted his work, along with expressing admiration for fellow artists who inspire him.

As we round up our conversation, we discuss his collaborations with other artists, his affection for Macbeth and Tony Bapel, and what it takes to acquire one of his pieces. Not one to shy away from technology, Ivan talks about minting works on Ethereum and Tesos, his innovative idea for an interactive NFT, and his Momo Blocks project. As we wrap up, Ivan reflects on his life's journey so far, his multi-faceted talents, and his thoughts on age and its relevance in the web 3 space. With a riveting dialogue like this, you won't want to miss out on this episode!

Date Recorded: July 7, 2023

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Music by: Lakey Inspired

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