Behind the Screens with Ivan Casis Jr., Zealy Community Rewards, and Navigating the NFT Space | Issue #37

DeFi almost died this past week

Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Degen Report.

What to expect: 1027 words a 5-minute read.

TLDR: Do you want to play a game? Oregon likes its nuts creamy. DeFi almost died this past week, Dylan Wade vs Grant Yun.

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Creative Corner

GM GM. A crazy week and a crazy time in web3. Also I want to play a game with you. Let’s dive in!

On Friday I dropped a new Behind The Screens Interview (aka my bonus content for my podcast). I had the pleasure of speaking with Ivan Casis Jr. You can check out that pod on your favorite platform or youtube.

Over the weekend, I dropped a free premium article (fo free) this past weekend. Feel free to check it out below to get a taste of what shitheads are getting on a weekly basis. I am currently working on a sentiment analysis piece as well.

Lastly, some BIG news. For those that want to to partake or have some fun. I always want to reward those that support me. So I recently created a Zealy community for those that are constantly reading, listening or watching my content. With Zealy, you will get XP for these activities. I will giveaway prizes, thinking some xcopy, ACK (~.25eth) or something along those lines. One shithead already found the challenges and is in the lead haha. Link to join the community.

For those of you who have been with me from the go. I have a special challenge for you OGs that will give you 100xp. The clue is, what do I call premium subscribers?


Did you know Oregon is the only state with a nut? Oregon's state nut is the hazelnut. The decision to designate the hazelnut as the state nut is largely because Oregon produces 99% of the entire U.S. commercial crop. Hazelnuts have had significant agricultural and economic impact on the state.

This kind of symbol designation is common among U.S. states as a way to honor and acknowledge products, flora, fauna, and other elements of cultural significance. These symbols help to reflect the state's history, tradition, and values. The designation also helps to foster state pride, boost local industry, and promote awareness of the state's unique attributes.

NFT Space

Kiszkiloszki dropped one of the funniest pieces I have seen in a minute. It is a 37 second video I highly recommend watching. It captures the internet, at least twitter’s sometimes angry nature in such a great way. I did not have any tacos to partake but “AAAaaa” is one of my favorite pieces to drop on Tezos recently.

Early in the week all of DeFi was shook as a zero day vulnerability was found. What is a zero day vulnerability? The term "zero day" comes from the idea that the vulnerability has been exploited from "day zero" or the day it was discovered, before the developer has had any time or ability to distribute patches or make fixes. In some cases, the developers are not aware of the vulnerability until after it has been exploited. Hackers were able to extract 2800eth from Curve Finance. But it wouldn’t be Web3 if it wasn’t for someone frontrunning the hacker and getting back the eth and sending it back to the CurveTeam. DeFi was able to breathe a bit.


Coinbase is looking to adding Lightning support to their tool kit, thanks to Jack Dorsey. With the Cash app recently reporting some crazy record numbers when it comes to their custodial BTC offering, it is nice to see Jack pushing its competitors to support lightning more.

There was some recent discussion and beef brewing with Dylan Wade posting the image below.


Many people felt it was direct rip from Grant Yuns piece (below). What do you guys think? Are these images to similar? Is this flattery or a straight shot to Grant Yun? Let me know your thoughts as I prepare the popcorn.


Notable Sales

I love onchain NFTs, so when this one came across my feed I knew I had to include it. 190eth sale of an autoglyph.


BatSoupYum came up BIG this week. Acquiring a Skull of Luci for 15eth. Whether you like these skulls or don’t give a fuck, this is still a come up as most have sold for over 70eth recently. They either keep it or flip it, either way they are winning.


This zero trait punk sold for 500eth this week. First one is over 1.5 year to sell. I guess people really want pfps to be bald just like them, kek.


Lastly, ACK’s Ackstract I spoke about last week sold for 23.69eth. Looking forward to seeing the print float around Twitter when the owner gets it.



Jak dropped Another Masterpiece this past week. It is a beautiful piece, currently at 2.69eth and I will be following the auction closely to see who is the lucky winner of this piece.

AbsolutelyWrong has been quietly working on 20 new 1/1s. I am big supporter of AW’s work and I am hoping I can land one of these 1/1s to add to my collection (NFA).

I don’t know what is going on with this but selections for Sam Spratt’s game are getting announced and people are gearing up. I will keep an eye out for this and see what the commotion is all about.


Meme Of The Week

For all you old ninny muggins out there.


Have a great rest of your week!

CIAHOAD-Rick James

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