Celsius Begins Repayments, OSF Finds Formula For Original 4Loko| Issue #54

Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Degen Report.

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Creative Corner


Lets get to it. Last week I held a raffle for Gamblers Fallacy which was my collab with Rezva. Only 3 people entered andwon.

Currently I am working on getting native crypto subscriptions for this newsletter for those interested in it. I will be doing USDC on Eth as using an L2 seems like most people would not want to use an L2. With my subscription being low for a monthly and gas can get out of whack, the crypto subscription most likely will only be per year and not month. Stay tuned as I get closer to that launch.

Other than the above, I’ve been messing around with soldering and learning how to do that. I took the challenge to fix some old gameboy games by putting new batteries in them and also messing with my gameboys. If any of you have old pokemon games or gameboys you dont want, let me know, would be happy to buy them off of you.


I’ve been collecting Pokemon and other TCGs since I was a kid. Took a break for a bit around 2006 to 2013 but came back into the hobby. Something that you guys may not know is that there are a bunch of companies that do grading of cards and give them a rating. Current leader in this space for sports, total, and tcg is PSA. Which has caused cards when going for sale to have a PSA tax vs the others. Which has always irked the crap out of me. I guess this could be similar to a SuperRare tax vs Opensea collection. But seeing the graphics below (shoutout to 0xmike7 on Discord/Courtyard) tells me a couple things: degens went hard into collectibles during/post pandemic and 2nd just how much of a grip PSA has on the market which causes us to wait months for our cards back. For example I sent around 50 cards in early November and I won’t get them till March. It seems the only way this space will be disrupted is with AI graders which I am looking forward to those days.

NFT Space

We start off the same way we started last week. Last week I mentioned, etherscan was up to something with their new multichain features. And shortly after that they acquired SolScan (the etherscan of Solana). Etherscan said, if you cant beat them, acquire them.


Celsius will begin unstaking a shit ton of eth and selling to pay for the bankruptcy and any owed amounts for its users. Celsius is going to pay a certain percentage to its users on the amount of money they had with them and will also be given some stock in the new company that is being formed. Up to their discretion. The impact of their unstaking can be seen below, credit to foobar for the image.


In some weird news, the oringal wallet of Satoshi, the creator of Bitcoin. Received a decent chunk of BTC recently and it is making the rounds. A wallet many consider a dead wallet since there has been zero activity on that wallet since shortly after its creation. Some are speculating this a maneuver to get Satoshi to have to report this income (lul). But the scenario that makes the most sense is someone is trying to fuck with Craigh Wright (which claims to be Satoshi, it is a long story) and sending it to him if money is owed is roundabout fuck you to him. If he truly owns that wallet, he can liquidate the money since it is “his wallet” and if it isn’t then this is a hilarious troll.


Alphadoggg announced its collaboration with uczine titled “re-experiencing stimuli”. I am a big uczine fan, and even own a 1/1 of his and I got to add this piece below to my collection.

OSF will be launching Rekt Brands Inc. A snapshot of rektguy holder was taken around Halloween last year and those holders will be given an opportunity at equity in the new venture after they KYC and follow the law. Rekt Brands is dropping a new drink soon and expanding its portfolio of assets. Congrats to OSF, the team and anyone who has been supporting via Rektguys. Wen Rekt F1 car? lol

Lastly, lets see if the ETF gets approved this week. Should be a memorable time in crypto if so. I still remember when I bought my first BTC in 2012 after I got my first job out of college. Shit we didnt even have to pay taxes on selling BTC until recently lol. So we have come a long way since those days. Luckily I lost most of my BTC in a boating accident, its a shame.

The Zealy.io word for this weeks read is, “etf”. Make sure to get in on the fun and giveaways.

Notable Sales

Swarm_04 by Ripcache sold for 0.320BTC (~14k). Since then Swarm floor has cooled a bit but overall the project is holding steady and not many listing for this collection.


System by Ripcache recently also traded some hands, selling for 19.69eth (~47k).


Tiger Lily by ACK sold to GordonGoner for 16eth. What makes this special is ACK mentioned on Twitter, he actually used the orange in Gordon’s PFP (his BAYC) as inspiration for this Warothy. Sometimes the stars just align for all.

Gobble by xcopy sold for 14.5eth. About 30% off from the last sale we saw which was around 25eth.


Gobshites by xcopy sold for 18eth. Which is around the last sale price of 18.5eth.


Purgatorio by OSF, was traded for 13eth and a Red Lite District (floor ~4.5eth).

Someone bought Gazer #751 by Matt Kane for 45eth. The floor on these is around 10eth, so not sure if this one is a super rare one or what.


The big Kahuna of the week. A Lost Robbie sold for 150eth.


Things I am looking forward to.

Deekay is gearing up to do a physical drop with Avant Arte in February. And a new edition drop later this week. Everything Avant Arte has dropped minus one or two pieces has been bangers so I will for sure be putting my name into the magic hat for a Deekay physical. I am also curious to see this new edition. It has been a while since we have seen a Deekay piece so I am giddy.

Slightly behind on this one but gmaul aka barkbark noticed that uczine has created an onchain collection but nothing has been minted. Is this the year we see an onchain uczine piece?

AbsolutelyWrong, is dropping 10 1/1 this week. Starting auctions at 0.5eth or 1.5eth for an outright purchase. This would be a perfect opportunity to get an AW 1/1 if you ever wanted one. Auction starts Jan 10 for those interested.

Also on Jan 10, Pixel Perfect will be kicking off with ZeroX, Mek, YUDHO, diid and more will be dropping some pixel art for us. I suspect some of them will be onchain based on the artist being included. Make sure to check out the announcement video.



Some shoe previews that stood out to me this week, these Jordan 1 lows, have little details like that of a baseball glove. With the gold accents these are some tough shoes.


I personally love Jordan 3s and plan to pick up a pair of these for my daughters. These are not being made for adults so this should be a relatively easy drop to get. The colors and details are insane.


Meme Of The Week

With the anticipation of the ETF approval and as husband this one had me rolling.


Have a great rest of your week!

CIAHOAD-Rick James

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