Decoding On Chain Art vs. IPFs: Market Muse Ep1 Insights

On Chain versus IPFs

- Explanation of NFTs as JPEG URLs in the blockchain pointing to IPFs
- Different flavors of on chain art, including SVG format, base 64 method, and art blocks method
- Discussion of the pros and cons of on chain art and IPFs
- Insight into IPFs and how it assigns unique hashes to images
- Discussion of the resilience of on chain art in case of IPFs going down
- Considerations for the future development and ease of deployment of IPFs and on chain art
- Highlighting the decreasing cost of storage and the potential impact on the resilience of on chain art

Avant Art Rankings

- Review of the avant art collaboration, which involves seven artists creating physical art and NFTs
- Evaluation of the pieces released so far, including Alpha Centauri, Jake Freed, Rip Cash, and Luis Bonse pieces
- Personal rankings and reasons for favoring specific avant art pieces
- Encouragement for audience participation in sharing their preferences for the avant art pieces

The Simpsons Episode

- Analysis of the Simpsons episode's portrayal of NFTs and digital art
- Perception of the episode's undertones regarding digital art as a scam and the potential demise of physical art
- Discussion of the episode's impact on the digital art space

Recent Prices and Sales

- Recap of recent high-value sales, including a 600 E Crypto Punks sale and a Fidenza that sold for 189,000 USD
- Discussion of the market rallying and potential indicators of recovery
- Insights into unique wallet measurements and their potential impact on market assessment
- Acknowledgment of the ongoing market trends
00:00:58 Discussing NFTs, IPFs, and on-chain art.
00:06:14 IPFs assigns unique hash, proves image ownership.
00:09:20 Running blockchain on raspberry pi, lowering entry barrier.
00:13:28 Considering on chain art may be limited.
00:14:23 Size limitations affect file transfer cost.
00:19:52 Excited about art for on-chain collection.
00:23:00 Mixed reactions to Simpsons NFT episode.
00:25:24 Recent crypto punks sale, Fidenza sold for $189,000.

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