Degens Catch Others Asleep Behind The Wheel | Issue #56

Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Degen Report.

What to expect: 1214 words a 6-minute read.

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Creative Corner


Dropped a new episode of the podcast on Friday, you can also watch it on Youtube. Items covered: Price Action of ETG and BTC and ETF impact. The future is multichain. As Crypto goes mainstream, privacy is at risk. XCOPY and MaxPain dilemma of burning pieces. Notable Sales and some Auctions. So check it out.

Also if you’re in the Bay Area or LA, I am helping coordinate an NFT event and would love to have someone who is a reader if they want to come. I convinced my grandma to make some tamales so at worst you get to eat some good cooking, at best you can get some feet pics. If you’re interested in coming, shoot me a DM.


It is kind of nuts to think about how for the longest time Apple would not launch Apple Pay even as Samsung and Google had NFC chips in their phones and where live and in many markets. But ever since Apple Pay has launched it appears they process over 10 trillion in volume. Which is insane to think about since they got into the game a bit late. Something to note from the below image is it says that Apple process payments but they do not actually. Visa and Mastercard are payment processors and even with the Apple Card, Mastercard is the payment processor so this image below is a bit misleading. They definitely do facilitate from a tech perspective in holding our digital cards safely but they are not the payment processor.

NFT Space

Twitter user jtgi is creating a venmo/splitwise web3/crypto native app. Based on some tweets this is crypto native at first but may expand to non USDC. I personally love tool that have embraced crypto. And you may be thinking, why would I use something like this over Venmo or insert country specific app. And that is the reason why, if you have a bunch of international friends and if you are in web3 you probably do, not everyone has venmo, not everyone uses the same currency, or you may not even really know these people and giving away your cell or email might be a step too much. Imagine if this used ENS or your Eth wallet, and that is product market fit.

Jak dropped an edition of 25 and CryptoTaxGuyETH caught everyone sleeping including myself. For 2.5 total CryptoTaxGuy was able to acquire all the pieces, and then he proceeded to burn 24 of them to make his 1/1 Jak. Bravo my friend, CIAHOAD.

Trout dropped an absolute banger of a piece titled ‘The Boy Who Tried'. I have been a fan of Trout and his work for a while so when this came across my screen I knew immediately I wanted to highlight it.

Cemhah dropped 7 new pieces. Five are for auction and two are editions of 10. My favorite piece from all 7 is the one below titled “Final Blaze”. Make sure to check out this trailer for all 7 pieces.

Tetris has gone onchain as well. You can now play Tetris on BTC. Future generations can now experience the joy and throw their remote at their screen when they get pissed they lost haha.

Aave is exploring a proposal to deploy their protocol on Solana. As I mentioned on my podcast last week, the future is definitely multichain and if you aren’t thinking in that manner you are going to get left behind.


Alienqueen shared with us her first edition piece of 2024 and man oh man does it encapsulate the beginning of the year so well. The piece is titled “Choose Freedom” which is a very fitting name and done really well in her signature style. Will definitely need to keep an eye out for this piece on secondary.


The word for this weeks read is, “gshock”. Make sure to get in on the fun and giveaways.

Notable Sales

Probably top five favorite xcopy pieces sold this past week for 16.5Eth, Disintegration. Mark my words, I will get this piece in my collection.

Another huge xcopy piece traded hands this past week. Experts sold for 60eth.

Smile sold for 4eth. This is notable as now we have another Data Swamp full set holder. Congrats to BBA on completing the triptych. If my memory isn’t failing me, BBA also beat me to my hot wallet on securing Security for CHEAP.



Things I am looking forward to.

Lordneutron appears to be cooking something up. Keeping true to his style which is really distinct it appears now that he is working on animated pieces as well which I am ready for.

JackKaido dropped a new edition piece (edition of 8) and currently it is running on silent auction. Kaido’s last couple of editions have received a ton of attention from over 100 ppl willing to pay over 1eth to get an edition and this will not surprise me if it goes way higher.


Also shoutout to the homie Blake13 for getting a Kaido 1/1. Definitely something worth celebrating as Kaido is one of my favorite artists.


Nike recently made some big announcements regarding their dotswoosh collection. We can now take out our NFTs to our own wallets if we desire, those onboarded from Web2 don’t have to. They will only support marketplaces that respect royalties (sorry Bur). This tweet summarized the event very well. Nike is a huge player in Web2 so any moves they make I am always keen on paying attention. I am hoping these steps address any concerns, web3 folks may have as well as continuing to expand to Web2 users.



Alright, it looks like for now we can still talk about other collectibles based on the poll. But don’t worry I wont go to nuts.

First up, we get our first look at the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low OG “Canary”. I am definitely a sucker for gum sole bottoms and these are pretty fire. I like the Olives a bit more than these but these are some good summertime shoes. For those not familiar, Travis Scott shoes are super hyped and in demand. So something to keep an eye on.

I typically do not cover PFP projects as there are plenty of other content creators that do that. But I had to cover this merch drop from Chimpers. If you are the street culture a bit, then you know heavy tees are amazing and the quality is felt so much more than a regular tee. These 250+gsm tees aka some thicc boys got my attention. The design and aesthetics are up my alley and leave it to Chimpers to a do a merch drop correctly ant not cheap out on cheap shirts.

Lastly, G-Shocks are definitely underappreciated in the watch community imo. And this G-Shock is a banger. The green and the little details they added make this a nice watch to add to a collection without breaking the bank. The model for this G-Shock also allows for customization which I have done one of mine.

Meme Of The Week

Since it looks like everyone forgot about art and is back to PFPs, toadswiback decided to bring back an amazing tweet from last bull with his own twist of course.


Have a great rest of your week!

CIAHOAD-Rick James

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