Delving Into the World of Web3 Gaming: A Look at User Acquisition and Zynga's Unique Approach

Zynga's Stealth Launch & Web3 Journey


Wale starts off by asking what Zynga is doing in Web 3. Zynga is here after the Take-Two acquisition to empower and have fun on-chain with its users. They wanted the project to be anonymous and to let it speak for itself, versus using the Zynga name to have people want to be a part of it just because it's Zynga, versus actually really liking the project itself. Matt Wolf says because you are nothing without your community.

The team has been applauded for launching this in stealth because it demonstrates their understanding of the Web3 community. Instead of relying on the cachet of their Web2 brand, they did this anonymously to reach their most loyal followers and attract attention to the project, not just because it's Zynga. Zynga has a history of innovation in the free-to-play space and was an early innovator in the Facebook marketplace with Mafia Wars and Farmville. They hope to replicate some of that magic from the early days of Facebook in Web3 as well.


With Web3, they know that the paradigm changes because it involves holders and on-chain transactions. They have some ideas of what they want to do, but they want to have a conversation with their holders and maintain a back-and-forth channel of communication to determine the best path forward for both parties. It's an evolving journey for both of them and the space as a whole, as everyone is learning how to use blockchain technology for gaming and entertainment and bring the next generation of gaming into the world.


When asked about projects they admire or brands in Web3 that they enjoy, the team mentioned Zeneca, Wale.Swoosh, BAYC, Wolf Game, and the Azuki Community. They respect and admire builders and creators who have done things right and learn from them. Wolf Game, in particular, is a big innovator in Web3, as is Gods Unchain. They also deeply respect the Yuga folks with their game Dookie Dash and the Board Ape community for their innovation.

A key point they want to emphasize is that the community (Web3 as a whole) is small, and everyone needs to support each other to succeed. This includes founders, creators, builders, collectors, and everyone in between.


Sugartown is more than just a game; it's art, a story, a collection, and a community. They believe it will become a platform. The game itself cannot be discussed in detail due to compliance reasons, as they are a publicly traded company. However, they have centuries of experience in delivering Web2 projects and games, which they plan to use to their advantage in creating this game. They have product managers familiar with Web3, and they hope to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 to deliver a successful product.

For anyone who wants to mint, the game is ready. When you mint at the launch, the game will be imminent, unlike other Web3 games where there might be a delay in the launch. They are excited to go live and launch this project.

The inspiration for Sugartown's lore comes from their history with Farmville. The “Farm Three” in Farmville involves a visit to a friend who is the mayor of Sugartown, which symbolizes the connection between Farmville and Sugartown. This also represents Zynga's transition from Web2 to Web3. They want to ensure that users experience the game, the lore, and the community on multiple platforms, including Discord and Twitter.

When it comes to minting, users will be minting auras from different worlds, each with unique traits and inspiration. The team has put a lot of work into this and is excited to showcase to the world.

The Intricacies of User Acquisition

The episode delves deeply into strategies for acquiring users. It highlights Pixelvault's intriguing acquisition and the Reboot platform. Both these platforms align with Wolf Game's vision for mission-building and user onboarding, providing a fresh take on the gamer community. We also touch on the thriving Wolf Game community and the advantages Sugartown NFTs offer to gamers and those who hold NFTs.

Emphasis is given to the role of data analytics in shaping acquisition strategies. The experts on the panel stress the importance of Web3, especially given its anonymous nature. This makes it distinct from the more traditional Web2 gaming, necessitating different strategies. They cite metrics, such as the percentage of collectibles available on resale markets and their base prices, as indicators of a project’s health and its success in drawing users.

Additionally, the episode covers Zynga's distinctive approach to Web3 gaming and user acquisition. The importance of building trust, being transparent, and ensuring a project's long-term viability are discussed. Finally, they explore "selection bias" in Web3 gaming, noting that those who purchase or create an NFT are more likely to remain engaged, which contrasts with traditional gaming dynamics.

A New Frontier in Gaming

As we explore the vibrant world of Web3 gaming, it is clear that the landscape is rapidly evolving. With companies like Zynga leading the way with innovative approaches and strategies, the future of gaming is undoubtedly exciting. Whether it’s the user acquisition strategies or the potential of NFTs in gaming, Web3 gaming promises to revolutionize how we perceive and interact with digital games.

When asked if they are exploring free to play or pay to play model with Sugartown, the team said that they have a roadmap but they have left enough wiggle room in the roadmap to adjust once they have talked to collectors/holders. The space moves and changes so quickly that they want to make sure they have enough space to explore ideas. If pay to play or any other model that is currently used in Web2 makes sense for the long term sustainability of the game, company and it aligns with rewarding holders they will pursue it. But again, this will be a discussion with all. There may be new methods of sustainability that none of us have thought about.

For gaming enthusiasts and investors alike, the exploration of this dynamic new frontier is an opportunity not to be missed.

Sugartown launched on August 17, 2023 for free.


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