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Creative Corner

  • Haven’t been doing as much creative work as I would like this past week. This weeks focus was mostly on IRL web3 event and trying to onboard some artist to Ordinals.

    First the event, we had a little NFT get together at OGs house. A couple of things that stood out to me was, the pandemic has made me more introverted than before haha. The other thing that stood out to me is that IRL events are some of the best parts of web3. Since going down this journey of NFTs in late 2021, I have had a blast meeting NFT folks and this event was no different. Personal goal for myself this year is to attend more events or meet people IRL. Even if that means getting on a plane to make shit happen. Lastly, my grandmas tamales were a hit haha.

    Ordinals is some crazy tech. While discussing some of the benefits and the craziness of it all at OGs house. I got fired up an tweeted it out the following day. That single tweet somehow got me 10 artists reaching out to have 1/1 for calls for a lay of the land. Unfortunately, I do not have that many hours with a young kid and also IRL work. So I decided to create a little bundle/kit for any artist if they want it. And if the kit isn’t enough then I can help people 1/1.

    Lastly, I've been mulling over on doing a daily recap NFT art focused content. I want to do this very differently from what is out there as there are plenty of creators out there doing this type of thing. Most of them focus on PFPs which I would not do. So I am landing somewhere between 787 and RD. One is for sure, if I do this, it will be audio/podcast or short video form and I want to automate as much of it as I can.


  • An interesting discussion I had with some people at OG’s house was how maps are totally misrepresented. I have flown to Singapore from California before which was an extremely long flight. From there the discussion switched to the longest flight and you would think that based on looking at a map you could figure it out but looking at a map may be throwing you off.

    Most maps in our current times use Mercator projection introduced in 1569 by Gerardus Mercator. The Mercator projection is widely used for navigation charts, because any straight line on a Mercator projection map is a line of constant true bearing that enables a navigator to plot a straight-line course. However, it is less practical for world maps because the scale is distorted; areas farther away from the Equator appear disproportionately large. For example, Greenland and Alaska look huge, but they are in fact smaller than Brazil which the maps don’t show.

NFT Space

Notable Sales


  • Dylan Wade announced he will be dropping 50 1/1 pieces this coming month.


    OSF has been working on generative project now for over a year and he gave us a preview of what is to come. Many pieces from the preview seem to have cultural relevance which should do well with the shitheads.

    I am looking forward to seeing what more novel ideas the farcaster community comes up with the new feature of Farcaster frames which is essentially an interactive app inside of farcaster. Think an app you can interact in inside of a tweet. We’ve already seen some really cool ones, where you can play Pokémon inside of a message/tweet or even recreated your own decentralized Friendstech with fabric or really any NFT.



  • Only one shoe to highlight this week. If you have ever heard of people getting shot at while collecting sneakers back in the day, the culprit is usually some pair of Jordan 11s. These specifically are called the Space Jams and they are really popular and good looking shoes. The lows don’t usually command as much attention as the full sized ones but they are just as nice. Will definitely look to add a pair of these to my collection.

Meme Of The Week

  • With the new release/update to 0xdiid efficax tool which helps artists and myself onchain, this meme is hilarios. Congrats to 0xdiid on the new release and thank you for everything you do.



Have a great rest of your week!

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