From Nickelodeon's NFT Fiasco to MasterCard's Ripple Revolution – The Web3 Whirlwind Continues! | Issue #39

Royalties discussion is just a reflection of ourselves

Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Degen Report.

What to expect: 1005 words a 5-minute read.

TLDR: Your smart watch may not be so smart. Rugrats rugpull. Zack and Machi make up. Mastercard wants to take over the world.

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Creative Corner


Two more weeks of newsletters before I take a break with the family for a bit. This week I got a new episode of Behind The Screen I am recording. From there will edit and will have it ready for when I am off. I also have three new premium articles I am working on. From MoneyNeverSleeps Ep. 07 and two other secret ones. Lastly, I will be going ham on my photography while I am off, so I should have some burns soon for any holders of mine.


Do you wear an Apple or Garmin watch/any other smart health wearable? Did you know that those watches can be off from 20% to 115% in their estimates of calories burned? To make matters worse, there can be a big discrepancy on the labels on our foods so even if you track your macros with the labels on the back of your food you could be off by 500 calories or more in a day which is the equivalent of a Quarter Pounder with cheese at McDonalds. So how do we track that we are trending in the direction we want (bulk or shred)? By weighting ourselves daily at the same time, measuring food and taking averages of all the work. If we trend in the direction we are expecting then continue, if not adjust.

NFT Space

RecurForever, the company behind the Nickelodeon and Web3 collaboration, is closing down. This means Nickelodeon NFT projects like Rugrats will be shutting down too. The platform will close on November 16, 2023, which is bad news for collectors of any of the Nickelodeon IP or any project on that platform.

Zynga created a new Web3 game called Sugartown. For those familiar with Zynga, it is a very big Web2 game development company. This will be, I believe, their first foray into Web3, so it's definitely big news on the Web3 gaming front. They hosted a spaces which I will listen to and summarize for all the shitheads out there.

Zach XBT and MachiBigBrother have settled their claim. Zach XBT confirmed that he would be returning some of the money he received from people who donated to his cause for his legal efforts against Machi.

OxMunger found the difference on GitHub regarding the lawsuit. The language changed from Machi, who allegedly embezzled 22,000 ETH from Formosa Financial in 2018, to Machi, a musician and tech entrepreneur. The data is still the same, but it's up to the reader to make the determination based on the data.


MasterCard, one of the biggest payment processors, is getting into a partnership program with Ripple, which recently won its case with the SEC. Ripple is trying to be the back end of the financial infrastructure, so partnering with a big payment processor like MasterCard could definitely be advantageous. This MasterCard central coin, in partnership with Ripple, is still in the early stages, so we'll see what happens but it can have the potential to disrupt the financial sector in big ways.

Royalties are in the discussion again as OpenSea has announced they will stop enforcing them where they can. In an effort to keep up with Blur and Looksrare. Without a token in sight for OpenSea it appears this change is a bit too late for them and not sure it will make a difference for them.

Now some rapid fire art news:

Tiffatron released a limited edition art piece called You Still Feel Like Home. Really beautiful piece and one I had to scoop up.


Jackkaido dropped a cool Orwell-inspired 1984 art piece. I found this interesting due to the fact Jack sent this to his vault vs selling. Something which recently XCopy mentioned that most artist should do bc of this debate over royalties that is happening right now.


Snowfro will release a new project on August 24th called Hearts and Craft, inspired by Zelda's heart container. The NFT price will be 0.01 ETH.

Lucrece released Monster Icon 45 recently, congrats to fellow shithead Johann for his new icon.


On a side note, the word for this weeks read is, β€œ1984β€œ. Make sure to get in on the fun and giveaways.

Notable Sales

En Route by Grant Yun sold for 8.4eth. This is the first sale in over 6 months.


A big NFT loan for an XCopy piece called Dissolution was made for 90 ETH at 15 APY for 180 days.

Fidenza recently sold for 63eth. These have been selling lower and lower recently.


Someone also fat fingered this into oblivion and someone got a Grifter for 1.3eth.



Drifter Shoots is working on his first photobook or zine. Will definitely keep an eye out for this as I love photobooks and will try and scoop a second one to giveaway. Speaking of which, I also have another special surprise Web3 related book giveaway coming so keep an eye out for that soon.


Meme Of The Week

Nearly chocked on my water when I saw this one. Great job indiorobot.



Have a great rest of your week!

CIAHOAD-Rick James

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