Gramajo Pintxo's - Issue #1

Kicking off this newsletter again but with a broader lens as the NFT market moves very quickly. I will focus on my own personal work/journey as well as some finance, lifestyle, and some AMA ish corner with some other artist in the space.

Creative Corner

It's been a couple months now since i've minted a 1/1 on Eth or Tez. And yeah, market conditions doesn't make it too enticing but mostly i've just been focusing on collecting this bear but also just reassessing where I go with my creative energy. Random thoughts like burning some of my work and thinking of ways to create a bigger universe for my creative outlets.

After some time off on vacation, I finally thought of a project or body of work that I feel will push me in the right direction. And it is making me excited to go out and take pictures and go further into my drawing. It will take some time to launch but I am excited for the collaborations i've locked down and to pursue this. And if it fails, well at least I will still be proud of my work.


Some knowledge I picked up this week that I thought could be useful for people to know. It seems that there is a nuclear power plant in Ukraine currently that is running on back up electricity (as if the situation needed to get worse). The last time this happened was in Japan and it did not end well when the cores could not be cooled.

Nuclear Power Plant - What Caused the Power to Go Out? | 2min snip from Up First β€” 2min Snip from Friday, August 26, 2022 | Up First

Another thing I learned today was China actually owns less US debt than Japan (4%). It always seems based on media that China owns more debt from a foreign entity perspective as US Citizens/Funds actually own the bulk of the debt.

Investing in High and Real Estate | 1min snip from The Indicator from Planet Money β€” 1min snip from China's slice of the US debt pie | The Indicator from Planet Money

NFT Space

In the fast moving web3 space, things that stood out to me this past week was @Driftershoots is getting into film photography. And to be frank, if Drifter shot a picture of his on CineStill800 *insert Antonio Banderas gyf.

Drift @DrifterShoots

Just got back my first roll of film. I am hooked.

12:14 AM βˆ™ Aug 24, 2022


Speaking of Drifter, GrailsII revealed and featured Drifter with an epic shot. One that would have been perfect for Cinestill. Regardless, one that is now on my bucket list to own.

13. Dissociation

My other favorite ones from this season are from Luis Ponce #10 and #11 by Alpha Centauri Kid. Which ones are your favorite ones for this season?


Things I am looking forward to this week. Definitely scooping up my WL for "The Climb" by Amatoer and going to see if I can also get some more during the DA drop.

Twitter avatar for @Amatoer_tez

Amatør ⍟ @Amatoer_tez

I'm pleased to announce that "The Climb" is launching on #fxhash Tuesday the 30th of August at 20:00 CET. I'm very excited to show you all the wonderful variations of this collection. 30/08 20:00 CET Spread the word. β€οΈπŸ’™πŸ§‘πŸ’šπŸ€πŸ–€ @fx_hash_ #tezos #genart #p5js #generativeart


6:58 PM βˆ™ Aug 26, 2022


Another drop I am excited for now that I am following Fake Pepes is this drop. It's wild and the pricing doesn't seem too bad. Hoping I can hit on this one but we will see.

Twitter avatar for @PepenardoStudio

𝖃 NARDO - π•Έπ–Šπ–’π–Šπ–™π–Žπ–ˆπ–† π•Ήπ–”π–œ! - FAKE RARES @PepenardoStudio

🚨FAKESCIENCE DISTRO🚨 When: Tomorrow, Mon Aug 29 Where: XCP dispenser Cost: Starting at 0.02 BTC How: 1st dispenser will be announced on Twitter around 11am EST containing ~20 assets. 2nd/3rd dispenser will follow w another ~20 assets.


7:37 PM βˆ™ Aug 28, 2022


Thanks again for reading, see you in a week.

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