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In today’s newsletter, I’ll be going over my own journey as a creator, some knowledge I picked up this week, some news in the NFT space, and what I have my eye on this week.

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TLDR: Should we move to substack for chat feature? SDKs can have hidden code that tracks us. Big corporations are doubling down on crypto. GxngYxng brought the ying yang twins to Alphadoggg.

Creative Corner

This week I focused on some back end work on getting subscribers from this newsletter into some other systems that are more integrated and allow for scale in the future. I found a tool called Piesync that can keep data integrated from one database with another (think Revue to Mailchimp) but Hubspot acquired it. Luckily the free tier still allows us to use this awesome tool. So if you are in need of easy ways to keep databases synced, check out that Hubspot tool.

The other creative aspect I was working on this week was possibly moving this newsletter to Substack based on this tweet. They rolled out a new chat feature that could make this newsletter have more engagement but the discussion could also happen in Discord/Twitter or elsewhere but definitely intriguing from keeping the conversation more seamless. As a reader, let me know what you think.

Substack @SubstackInc

Today we are launching Chat, a new space for writers and creators to host conversations with their subscribers. Try Chat now:

3:05 PM ∙ Nov 3, 2022



As most of you know I am big advocate for privacy and I look at convenience vs invasion of privacy. It surprised me that SDKs that developers use, can contain malicious bits of code that developers don't know about that then grab our location data or other bits of data and then send them back "home".

So what is an SDK? Think of this as a prebuilt building block that developers can leverage vs writing their own code from scratch for an action they want done. So if you want to process payment information, you can use an SDK on running some bit of code that then uses Stripe instead of you having to write this from scratch. Since someone else builds this code, sometimes developers don't know what is in the code and they could be tapping into way more data than they want to get. The most crazy examples in the good old days have been when you download a flashlight app and it asked you for way too much information (location, ss#, etc).

Carrot Weather | 1min snip from The Indicator from Planet 1min snip from The hidden market for your location data | The Indicator from Planet Money

NFT Space

It was a crazy week in the NFT space. It is going to feel a bit like rapid fire but I will keep it concise.

First bit of big news is you can now list NFTs on Instagram. And they had a big announcement and some big artists who they are roolling the features out to, one of them being Drifter/Drift. I am disappointed to not see support for Tezos but I hope they roll that out soon. I will test it as soon as I am able and report back.

Twitter avatar for @nftnow

nft now @nftnow

The Alpha: -Meta has started to roll out features that let creators sell NFTs on IG -To kick-start this process, Instagram has made these new features available to a select group of creators. Full story here 👇…

nftnow.comBreaking: Instagram Is Officially an NFT MarketplaceEarlier in 2022, Instagram granted users in select territories the ability to display NFTs on their profiles. Now? Users can sell them.

10:08 PM ∙ Nov 2, 2022


Next, Chase executed their first live blockchain transaction on Ethereum through Polygon and using Aaeve. Chase is a huge institution and this tweet does a solid job breaking down what happened. I am hopeful on bigger goals to come from Chase. Having such a large financial institution building during this bear is amazing.

Twitter avatar for @TyLobban

Ty Lobban @TyLobban

WORLD! J.P. Morgan has executed its 1st *LIVE* trade on public blockchain using DeFi, Tokenized Deposits & Verifiable Credentials, part of @MAS_sg Project Guardian 🙌🚀🔥… Many world 1sts here, & since this is public ⛓ here’s a transparent🧵on what we did:

5:33 AM ∙ Nov 2, 2022


Moving on to another big corporation dabbling more into the space. Google is now running a block producing validation node for Solana. They are partnering up with Solana to get more people onboarded to run these on Google Cloud. I am uncertain about the Solana choice but with the founders having strong ties to the IT space, I can see this being a natural fit for them.

Twitter avatar for @googlecloud

Google Cloud @googlecloud

Now that we got your attention... check this out: Google Cloud is running a block-producing @solana validator to participate in and validate the network.

4:15 PM ∙ Nov 5, 2022


On a less technical news drop. I wanted to highlight this drop from DeeKay. It is an absolute beauty and the amount of detail and work that went into this left me in awe.

Twitter avatar for @deekaymotion

DeeKay @deekaymotion

'LetsWalk Finale' 100 walks in one frame. 1.5 years of work, finally finished. *Twitter compression ruins the video quality, so please watch here:


12:44 PM ∙ Oct 31, 2022



Things that I looking forward to this week.

I am keeping an eye on these SuperRare passes which I won't be participating in but from a price point perspective I am curious to see where they land. This is idea is very similar to AlphaDoggg but I am curious to see if SuperRare will take it in a different direction or will it be very similar.

Twitter avatar for @SuperRare

SuperRare 💎 @SuperRare

A historic cryptoart collecting opportunity has arrived. RarePass: Genesis 💎🎟️ Featuring 24 legendary artists shaping the cryptoart movement. Coming on 11/15…get ready ⏱ Sign up for updates & stay tuned on how to win a free #RarePass

2:19 PM ∙ Nov 3, 2022


Speaking of Alphadoggg, this week we get our Ghxst drop. And And they had a big announcement and some big artists who they are rolling the features out to, one of them being Drifter/Drift which I enjoy and gives off ying and yang vibes. As I have been delving more and more into the Ghxst world, with now over 15 pieces in my collection. This one will be one of my new favorites in my collection.

Twitter avatar for @alphadoggg_

AlphaDoggg @alphadoggg_

We are very exited to reveal 'Chaos in Balance' by @GxngYxngNFT, coming later this month to Doggg Tag Holders. Thank you so much for this true grail, we're so excited to share it with the community.


1:16 PM ∙ Nov 4, 2022



Till next week CIAHOAD-Rick James

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