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Welcome to another edition of the Gramajo Pintxo’s Newsletter.

In today’s newsletter, I’ll be going over my own journey as a creator, some knowledge I picked up this week, some news in the NFT space, and what I have my eye on this week.

What to expect: 1012 words a 7.8-minute read.

TLDR: How to write like Hemmingway. FTX blew up and Fooh wants to talk to Caroline lol. Contagion is in full swing. CIAHOAD

Creative Corner

This week I wanted to talk about an app I use to write this newsletter. The Hemmingway app. I am including a link for you to check it out.

It is an app the critiques your writing and lets you know if your writing is easy to read, you are using passive voice and more. It is a tool I use at work whenever I am sending emails to higher ups or an email blast to my whole company. I know others use it. So if you ever need a quick check on your writing style, I would give it a try.

Hemingway Editor

Helpful writing tool


As a smooth brained ape that still holds a decent bag of AMC and GME. I was surprised to learn this tidbit this past week.

I worked for a company that had quarterly all hands meetings. We were a global company and these types of meetings are always great to learn more about what else is going on around our company. And certain companies create huge event centers like Apple and Google but usually it is for one location (HQ) and other areas around the world don't have the same set up. So this leads to a great experience if you are local to where your HQ is but not elsewhere unless companies want to create entertainment centers globally.

My company took a different approach. We rented a local theater which I love since it was family owned. So we got to have our all hands meetings in a local theater I grew up going to. And colleagues in other regions also got a similar treatment. It was great and I always wondered why other companies did not do this as well. Turns out AMC has this idea as most of their theaters are not packed M-F 10am to 3pm. And I am all for it, as it utilizes space and as an investor, more revenue. I hope more companies will do this as it is a great experience.

AMC Theater M-F Workhours | 1min snip from The Best One 1min snip from 🍿 “Work From Movie Theater” — AMC’s Zoom theater. Athletic Brewing’s non-alcohol. The Election’s cannabis bet | The Best One Yet

NFT Space

Before I jump into the meat and potatoes of the shit show that happened this week. I wanted to take the time to highlight a drop that happened this past week.

Rezva dropped her Sova #5 which abnormality#5251 on the Monster server assisted me with scooping up while I was at work (thanks again). As a collector of all the previous 4 drops, I was happy to add this piece to my collection and this is becoming one of my favorite collections to track and add.

Twitter avatar for @rezvaexe

Rezva🇺🇦 @rezvaexe

Sova 5: Secret Assignment Listing on @objkt tomorrow 1 pm EST (the usual 30/30, 5 $tezos)

3:30 PM ∙ Nov 7, 2022


Now moving on to the craziness of this week. I won't be writing it all as many people have captured the events of FTX this past week.

But at a high level, it is nuts to think this all may have started because Sam the CEO of FTX may have been talking a bit of smack to CZ the CEO of Binance. With CZ unloading the FTT token that he had into the market, that caused the price to drop enough to cause a panic and get us where we are. The crazy train took off from there. Culminating in the craziest 24 hours on Friday.

Twitter avatar for @Dogetoshi

Steven @Dogetoshi

FTX's bankruptcy process appears to be starting as funds from both international and US wallets are being sent to 0x59abf3837fa962d6853b4cc0a19513aa031fd32b


2:32 AM ∙ Nov 12, 2022


Friday night a tweet was making the rounds that on top of FTX filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and shit hitting the fan for Alameda Research. There was a hack going on and funds from users were being taken out. Later that night around 10pm Mario Nawfal began hosting a Twitter spaces which hit over 10k people. Information was coming out in a flurry and I must say the way Mario and company ran the spaces was efficient as hell. He had people vetting sources that wanted to speak and information coming in. 0xfoobar was the technical person on the call also giving live updates as things went down.

And then after some poking from Kim from Mega, Elon musk joined and the spaces jumped to over 65k people tuning in and watching the titanic go down live infront of them. If you haven't heard this space, I included the link below. I encourage you to listen to it and enjoy the history unfolding infront of us. Which is still going on as we are now gathering that and other CEX are affected by this FTX situation. And the contagion impact is in full swing.

I leave you with this. Use a cold wallet, be careful with your funds. Stay smart and vigilant.

Twitter avatar for @MarioNawfal

Mario Nawfal @MarioNawfal

5:32 AM ∙ Nov 12, 2022



After this drop from Ghxst which immediately went to my vault. I am looking forward to the Jake the Degen piece from Alphadoggg. If you have time, I made a pretty cool visualization of the Alphadoggg pieces that have dropped on Miro. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions.

Miro | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration A visual table of all the Alphadogg drops. Check out the website for more details

I didn't get a chance to collect this RarePepe but I will look in the secondary for it. RarePepe season is upon us and I am looking forward to the other pieces that will come out later.

Twitter avatar for @Klutch_NFT

Klutch @Klutch_NFT

The good thing about not being a crypto whale is I can focus purely on my personal DCA NFT plan. Today I will be picking up this beautiful Pepe from my fren @tommy_wilson_ over at @pepe__wtf


8:33 PM ∙ Nov 8, 2022



Till next week CIAHOAD-Rick James

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