Gramajo Pintxo's - Issue #12

The great migration is complete. Stay tuned for DeepDives and AMAs.

Welcome to another edition of the Gramajo Pintxo’s Newsletter.

In today’s newsletter, I’ll be going over my own journey as a creator, some knowledge I picked up this week, some news in the NFT space, and what I have my eye on this week.

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What to expect: 816 words a 6.3-minute read.

TLDR: Had to move to Substack, new home, who dis? Big brands double down in bear market. Enjoy Thanksgiving all, share your recipes with me via chat.

Creative Corner

Coming to you live from the motherland in Antigua, Guatemala on zero sleep.

This week in the Creative Corner I had to do a migration from Revue to Substack (sorry for the double ping earlier this week). Elon gave some ultimatums at Twitter to shed some dead weight and Revue and some other services are on the chopping block later this year.

Earlier this week I began the migration process to Substack which was pretty seamless with the tool they built. We will see how this platform performs for us. I also began translating all my previous newsletter posts to Spanish as I have always felt we were lacking Spanish content.

Lastly, I will begin doing deep dives soon enough with DaltonMannerud being the first one. Really excited to take this step in the newsletter and I hope you will all enjoy the deep dive, longer content.


This week went back into the health space as I was debating taking ashwagandha for health benefits. A lot of people swear by this herb but I have had my doubts. It does seem ashwagandha does have some benefits but more with dealing with anxiety and sleep quality versus strength hypertrophy. Although, getting a good night sleep can help with recovery so I can see how some people would think it leads to getting swole.

NFT Space

Another crazy week in the NFT space. Christie’s auction continues to dabble with the Web3 space with more artists making the hop. For Miami they announced 15 new artists that they are having auction for and highlighting which is a great step in the right direction for all and one that was needed after this whole SBF/FTX debacle last week that is still going on.

Christie's @ChristiesInc

Christie’s 3.0 presents Next Wave: The Miami Edit, a curated auction of over 15 newly created works by digital artists including Andres Serrano  (@apoliticalorg), @cathsimard_ , @luispon_c, @dave_krugman and many more. (1/4)


9:07 PM ∙ Nov 14, 2022


Gxhst had a sneaky drop for a Mxse that I missed by 15 seconds and it is a gorgeous one. Personally fall is my favorite holiday and this one is a stunner and one I will need to get on secondary. Congrats to all the new holders and anyone that has the full set now.

Twitter avatar for @Ghxsts

Ghxsts | NFT Collectibles @Ghxsts

Here’s the long-awaited Fall Mxse. We’re trying something new with a Manifold page this time. First 50 people to mint get one 🍂


5:04 AM ∙ Nov 16, 2022


With the world cup finally here (not really used this fall kick off time). Manchester United doubled down on crypto and not only that continues solidifying their partnership with Tezos blockchain. Although I am an Arsenal fan, I am happy to see a club as big as Manchester creating more digital collectibles and I hope other teams will begin this trend so we can all talk crap to each other on who has been supporting the team the longest (since we will be able to prove it via the blockchain now haha).

Twitter avatar for @ManUtd

Manchester United @ManUtd

🔒 Club memorabilia is evolving. Get ready for digital collectibles. Register to hear more 😈 Powered by @tezos and brought to you by Tezos ecosystem companies 🔋 #RegisterClaimUnlock || #CollectUnited

4:17 PM ∙ Nov 14, 2022


Last one and stayin on theme with futbol aka soccer for the Americans. CloneX dropped a cool raffle in collaboration with Nike. CloneX continues killing it with their collaboration with Nike and I am happy to see Nike still investing into the space via their collaboration with CloneX.

Twitter avatar for @RTFKT


Through the wormhole ☄️ RTFKT Clone X 🧬 in the Footballverse 🌐 with @nikefootball legends ⚽ 👇


8:48 AM ∙ Nov 16, 2022



With Thanksgiving this week, I am hoping for a quiet week also for selfish reasons as I left my ledger at home so I can focus on family this week and working on my photography for my big project I am working on. But we will see if have any crazy shenanigans in the Web3 space as it never sleeps.


Have a great Thanksgiving all that celebrate. And if you don’t remember to take time to unplug. Till next week CIAHOAD-Rick James

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