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Creative Corner

So I hope you all had a great long weekend. I've been travelling around and working on my current project. I have now had about a month to sit and work on this body of work and the more I sit with it and go out and execute the more clear the picture becomes in my head.

One thing that does cross my mind is will it resonate with others as it resonates with me. Will people appreciate the work and though that will go into something like this. I personally don't know yet, but one thing I wanted to make sure I did with this project is that it was something I would be proud of at the end of the day. Something that instantly will remind me of the journey and the friendships and process along the way.

If you are just getting started. That sometimes just jumping in is great way to go about things. Or else you find yourself in a loop of thinking but never executing. But with all things Web3, you do need to think things through sometimes. This tweet below is something I go back and reference along with speaking to other collectors in my sphere (shout out AlphaDoggg). Anyways, looking forward to sharing my project with you all soon, next week I will cover how to set up a bot on Discord to share your recent sales.

Twitter avatar for @osf_nft

OSF @osf_nft

1. How to successfully sell your art as NFTs - some thoughts and advice. 👇

2:44 PM ∙ Mar 30, 2022



As we get further into the connectedness of the world around us we start to see the real life implications of this world. As an adult, I constantly have to remind myself to check out sometimes and ignore all the noise around me as it can make you desensitized or just in a constant state of hyper awareness. Knowing how it impacts me, I could only imagine this exact world but if I was younger. This snip has some great context on how it is impacting the younger generation. I hope that you all take the time to take care of your mental health and remember to unplug sometimes especially now where the bear market has quieted down the Web3 space a bit.

Are Young People Being Overwhelmed With Simulation? | 5min snip from The 5min Snip from Inside the Adolescent Mental Health Crisis | The Daily

NFT Space

Although I personally despise Instagram as a photographer, I personally believe they made a big splash this week in the space. They launched wallet integration bridging that gap between Web2<-->Web3 space.

pedrouid.eth 📲 @pedrouid

Instagram just released NFT posting to every user with WalletConnect support 📲 This is the largest app to date supporting WalletConnect protocol 🙏 WalletConnect everywhere 🌎


12:12 PM ∙ Aug 30, 2022


Alpha Centauri Kid ("ACK") was keeping it spicy this week with an OE being dubbed MaxPainV2. Some suspected there could be a burn element, others were skeptical. But in the end it appears ACK has something spicy in store for us all based on this tweet below. I personally look forward to the end of this perfomance.

Twitter avatar for @lphaCentauriKid

Alpha Centauri Kid @lphaCentauriKid

you are all now loyal subjects of Her Majesty, the Muse. It is you who will complete this color study. You are the final act.


1:57 PM ∙ Sep 11, 2022


In another corner of the world, we also have Zanoza and his (for sake of reading and writing I am using his pronoun) performance with his highly hyped project. I remember being a bit bummed not getting a WL but with what is going on in the project now, I am just observing from afar. I personally have no skin in this performance but it is interesting to see it unfold. A thread about this performance can be seen below if you want to take a deeper dive into it.

Twitter avatar for @zanozaClub

ᴢᴀɴᴏᴢᴀ 🟢 @zanozaClub

so? surprised? what did you really expect for a free thing? the big secret is now revealed to everyone, 0% is free, 0% royalty’s and 0% art… the message is : ARTISTS NEED TO BE PAID !! we have family’s, rents, loans and we need to eat… 🧵⤵️ 1/11


9:03 PM ∙ Sep 10, 2022


Last bit of news here from this past week. Just wanted to take the time to congratulate Absolutely Wrong (my twitter pfp) for getting into SuperRare. Congrats homie and I know you got some gas cooking for your first SR piece.

Twitter avatar for @Abs0lutelywrong

Absolutely Wrong @Abs0lutelywrong

Mom, I did it I got accepted to @SuperRare


9:28 AM ∙ Sep 11, 2022



This I got my eye on for this coming week. This piece by Grant Yun. Red is my favorite color and seeing a Grant Yun with this color palette is epic. Will be curious to see if it goes on sale and for how much? Let me know your predictions haha.

Twitter avatar for @GrantYun2

Grant Riven Yun @GrantYun2

GM "All Time High In Hell" Just finished up last night ♥️ Thx for all the inspiration over the months @XCOPYART


12:17 PM ∙ Sep 11, 2022


Whatever DesLucrece has cooking this week, I am ready. Get your tacos ready !duck

Twitter avatar for @DesLucrece

Lucréce @DesLucrece

Something about having 75 Tezos in your wallet next week seems like a good idea. 🔮🧿

3:57 PM ∙ Sep 9, 2022


Web3 friend, fellow photographer and overall solid human being K017G minted his first piece and it is for a great cause. Definitely want to see where this one goes and where K017G goes from here. Goodluck friend!

Twitter avatar for @K017G

K017G @K017G | The largest NFT marketplace on TezosDiscover the latest #CleanNFTs on the largest NFT marketplace on Tezos.

11:06 PM ∙ Sep 7, 2022


Last but not least, I have my first person I will interview. Thank you to Aldover for being down and working with me. We will have a voice reveal soon enough. Link to profile below.

aldover.eth (@aldover_eth) / NFT shithead. Check out all my galleries!

Till next week! CIAHOAD-Rick James

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