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Welcome to another edition of the Gramajo Pintxo's Newsletter.

In today's newsletter, I'll be going over my own journey as a creator, some knowledge I picked up this week, some news in the NFT space, and what I have my eye on this week.

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Creative Corner

Currently I am still working away on my project and hope to have some more details around it soon. I went in and started burning some old pieces I felt deterred from my overall style and the direction I am going in.

I think the next piece in automation I want to work on is automating getting feedback for this newsletter so it can be more cyclical and I can incorporate those changes faster.

I came across a company that I feel could help me speed up the documentation of these automations for all of you and I am even debating testing this in my IRL work to see if I can get some faster Knowledge Based articles built for the apps I support at work. If any of you have any experience with this app or others like it, let me know what your thoughts are and your experience.


Some bits of knowledge I came across this week that may interest you all. If any of you follow me on Twitter you may know that one of the core items I care about and advocate on is Privacy. So when I was listening and reading about this on Motherboard and various other sources this past week I wasn't really surprised but also felt it was worth sharing. Our data as always is being shared between parties online, not much of that is mind blowing. You sign up for a service and then Facebook and others know that you searched for something. I think where sometimes we forget is that even our own ISPs are sharing our information with our goverment/military in exchange for "security" or other benefits that get repacked and sold to us. Think of not your location data (which is already sold) but more the site, the data packages being exchanged between your device and the website and more. I hope you give the whole episode below a listen but I took a snippet for you. Again, some of this we suspected but now we have a bit more of a papertrail.

Orry Platform? | 1min snip from 1min snip from Inside the Tool the US Military Is Using to Monitor Emails and Web Traffic | CYBER

The last bit I have for you is TikTok is an extremely popular platform for short videos (think Vine for us old boomers haha). Now it appears Google/Youtube wants to come after TikTok and get some of this pie. As someone who has a couple shorts that have done okay, I am glad Youtube which essentially started the influencer/content creator career is jumping in and rewarding those that create in the platform compared to before where only long form videos make money. I will definitely be keeping my eye on this.

Snip | 1min snip from Motley Fool 1min snip from YouTube vs. TikTok | Motley Fool Money

NFT Space

With the markets down from the rate increases this past Wednesday it was an interesting time to be in the NFT space. But as The Whispers would say "and the beat goes on".

GxngYxng dropped us a spicy auction inspired by the Chicago Bulls. It had a great a theme as well as part of the proceeds went to Chicago-based After School Matters to provide high school students with free after-school and summer programs in arts, communications, leadership, sports, and STEM which is awesome. I still love the fact that NFTs can bring us together during challenging times and have a positive impact as well. Congrats to AgentOrange on this pick up.

Twitter avatar for @AgentOrangeNFT

AgentOrange @AgentOrangeNFT

So excited to own this legendary piece from @GxngYxngNFT. I grew up watching the @chicagobulls championship runs and had to have this epic collab! Pxin Gnxg! @Ghxsts 👻🐂

4:42 PM ∙ Sep 23, 2022


Another fun item that got formalized this week is a QQL contest by Tyler Hobbs. There are some epic pieces being generated on their site and the contest should be fun a one as it will come with the opportunity to mint the piece in the official QQL contract. We should know the winners later this week but I had a ton of fun with the website and you can still check it out below. Generative Art to me is the one area where I feel we have so much untapped potential and the talent coming out is insane.

Twitter avatar for @tylerxhobbs

Tyler Hobbs @tylerxhobbs

🔴⭕QQL Contest⭕🔴 ⭕️Win a QQL Mint Pass⭕️ How to enter 1) Create QQLs on 2) Choose 1 to submit 3) QT this tweet with: - #QQLcontest - Your QQL URL - An image of your QQL 1 entry per person Cutoff 9/25 Noon CT Winners announced 9/27 FAQ on site ex:


4:29 PM ∙ Sep 20, 2022



Things are getting spicy over in the 8liens world. It seems after someone burned 8lien 8055 it activated something and now we wait and see. Currently there is a competition going this whole week for an 8lien and feel free to join. I ended up writing a haiku in honor of the fallen 8lien below. I don't have many 8liens but I am curious to see where they go especially in this bear market.

Twitter avatar for @8liensNFT

8liens @8liensNFT

:begin transmission: phase 2 can now commence wait for further information and in the meantime please pour one out for our fallen comrade *it is not recommended that you burn any more 8liens until further instructions :end transmission:


12:29 AM ∙ Sep 24, 2022


Another NFT I am looking forward to this week is this Alphadoggg piece by Ryan Talbot. This piece is absolutely nuts and one I will vault immediately. The details, the music, everything about it is amazing. RIP Winston, I never met you but you will forever be remembered in the blockchain.

Twitter avatar for @ryan_talbot_

Ryan Talbot @ryan_talbot_

The Dog House 🐕; dedicated to Winston

2:21 PM ∙ Sep 16, 2022


First person to RT my pinned tweet for Issue4 and respond with their Tezos address will get a giveaway.

Till next week CIAHOAD-Rick James

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