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Welcome to another edition of the Gramajo Pintxo's Newsletter.

In today's newsletter, I'll be going over my own journey as a creator, some knowledge I picked up this week, some news in the NFT space, and what I have my eye on this week.

What to expect: 937 words a 7.2-minute read.

Creative Corner

For those that read my newsletter last week there was a prize at the end of the issue. Congrats to Goose and Aldover for making it all the way to the end and claiming your prize. I will be doing another one soon enough for an Alphadoggg BidderBep so stay tuned.

This week on my creative front, I honestly haven't done much. IRL work took over and my energy levels to out and take pictures was just not there. I mostly worked on Notion and creating a workspace of all the locations and address I need to go to. So far I am at 50 locations around the world and five I have completed.

I also think I will be launching one part of the larger universe I am building sometime soon and will most like use Dall-E or Midjourney to get rough drafts before finalizing. So a ton of conceptual and ground work but nothing too exciting.


Two things I learned this week that may interest you all.

First poverty in children in the USA in substantially down from the 1990s. And this is across the board. The percentage is still "a bit high" in the sense that really know kid in this country should really live without knowing when they will eat next or have basic rights like internet but that is my opinion. But regardless, it is great to hear and this is an issue I think we can all get behind on. This a great story and I hope you give the whole thing a listen especially the part where it talks about a real life person "Jackson".

The New York Times' Run Up | 58sec snip from The 58sec snip from Why Fewer American Children Are Living in Poverty | The Daily

Next bit of knowledge I picked up this week was more of use case around AI in NFT space or art. I had some preconceived notions about the whole thing coming into it before listening to Dave & Goose Episode #28 (strong suggestion to give the whole thing a listen)! I felt like it was almost a cheat code or should not be used. Not sure whIy I felt that way. But after listening to K017G and Indiorobot talk about some use cases and how it is not as easy to manipulate and achieve great results. I can see the other side a lot easier now. I personally went in and began playing around with Dall-E and I can see where Indiorobot says that it takes skills and lots of times to get the output that you want or are after.

K017G part about using it as quick and dirty drafts from a design perspective for a game when approaching an artist was just amazing. As someone who has to move quickly in projects or just get things done it was amazing to hear a real life use case in a business setting and one now I plan to use this coming week for my work as well.

How AI Will Be All Over the World? | 2min snip from How I Built This with Guy 2min Snip from HIBT Lab! OpenAI: Sam Altman | How I Built This with Guy Raz

Play recording: Dave & Goose Episode Goose’s Space · Where live audio conversations happen

NFT Space

So this past week was an excting one over in the Monster Server. I believe Fooh mentioned over 2k people joined in a span of a week. A ton of raids and bot accounts as well that got banned. All for Life of Mon 4 which Des teased earlier in the week with a 0.1 Eth this week would be handy.

I don't think I have seen Des ever use the word extraordinary that often and usually he is pretty cheeky so the fact he used such a long word makes me think we are in for something epic. Also NFA haha.Lastly I also wanted to say congratulations to Ozorian89 on getting a 1/1 Ghxst piece. She has helped me out in the past with getting onboarded with Ghxst and I asked a ton of questions so it was a great to see someone who is a great ambasodor of Ghxst be rewarded like that. Keep up the good vibes.

Lucréce @DesLucrece

Collecting all four will be your ticket to something extraordinary. 🧿


12:22 AM ∙ Sep 29, 2022


This past week as well, C4rdinal came out with an epic piece that got real spicy real quick. With GVG putting in a bid for 0.69eth (nice). The auction in the end, ended at 0.8. I can honestly say that C4rdinal is a hilarious person and a great person to have in Alphadoggg as a collector. But this whole side of him/her is insane. It felt like it came out of nowhere and their talent keeps exponentially getting better. I look forward to losing more bidding battles in pursuit of a 1/1.

Twitter avatar for @C4RDlNAL


GM 🔥 WARMTH 0.05 ETH reserve the nights are getting colder. darker. like an overpriced gpu, your eyes close for what might be the last time. bears have always been more cuddly than bulls anyways.…


11:45 AM ∙ Sep 27, 2022


Lastly I also wanted to say congratulations to Ozorian89 on getting a 1/1 Ghxst piece. She has helped me out in the past with getting onboarded with Ghxst and I asked a ton of questions so it was a great to see someone who is a great ambassador of Ghxst be rewarded like that. Keep up the good vibes.

Twitter avatar for @richa891

ozorian89 @richa891

After almost 1 year of trying, I finnaly became a proud owner of @Ghxsts's 1/1 Mxnster ❤️ Thank you for this opportunity @GxngYxngNFT and @JxnetNFT - one of the most genuine people I met in this space, together with the whole @PxinGxng community. #dreamscometrue


10:16 PM ∙ Sep 29, 2022



Things I am looking forward to this week. One would be the kick off of Monster Month in the Monster Server. This week, 1 year ago I joined that server and the rest is history. Make sure to participate in this giveaway below.

Twitter avatar for @DesLucrece

Lucréce @DesLucrece

Let's kick off Monster month right! How about a 'The Jack' giveaway? Interact/follow for a chance to win. Must have a valid tez address. Randomly selecting the winner in 72h. 🖤🎃


3:44 PM ∙ Oct 1, 2022


The next thing I am looking forward to is reading Chapter 2 of the Ghxst comic. I am ready to redeem and read this ASAP. I use to collect physical comics and I hope they make a physical comic just like the 1st one.

Twitter avatar for @Ghxsts

Ghxsts | NFT Collectibles @Ghxsts

🔥 Ghxsts Comic Chapter 2 🔥 Mint Oct.4th 8pm EST Allowlist mint for Chapter 1 holders only Each Chapter 1 = one mint pass 0.1 ETH per mint collect Chapter 1 here:…


6:44 AM ∙ Sep 23, 2022


Lastly, I will be meeting up with two Web3 friends in real life this week so that should be fun. Either way I will be bringing my film camera and taking some shots as always.

Till next week CIAHOAD-Rick James

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