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In today’s newsletter, I’ll be going over my own journey as a creator, some knowledge I picked up this week, some news in the NFT space, and what I have my eye on this week.

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Creative Corner

Nothing too crazy on my creative side for this week. I recently created a workflow between TallyForms and Notion to be able to create a automatic feedback loop for this newsletter. You can check it out below. Please leave me any feedback and tips on what you want to see at the bottom. Depending on your selection you will only have 1 or 2 questions to answer.

I also created another automation with Zapier for new subscribers from Revue to Mailchimp fo redundancy reasons. If any of you are trying to dabble with "No Code" or anything of that nature Zapier is a great tool for this. It does not require much work and you can save yourself some time. I feel that no code platforms are really hitting their stride nowadays and it is a great time to dabble on the entrepreneurial side of things.


As a "coffee snob" to some varying degree haha. This one bit of knowledge hits me to my core and something I implemented this week (which was hard for me and may be hard for some of you). I think most people know by now that drinking coffee is great for productivity and focus and thinking and as always in moderation. I went ahead and watched and annotated episode 88 of the Huberman Lab Podcast which dives into caffeine a bit.

But how much is too much? Turns out 100mg to 400mg is the ideal amount during a day. 100mg is about an 8oz cup of drip. So whenever you are drinking coffee try and stay in that range. And this is not shocking to me as drinking a big gulp of coffee is never a good idea haha.

The last bit of coffee knowledge was how early should you be drinking it right after waking up? Turn out it should be about 1.5 to 2 hours after waking up. Which can be quite sometimes for some. I tend to do this some days depending of how long my workout is in the am but now that I know what the optimal time is, I am going to strive for that more often now.

Focus Toolkit: Tools to Improve Your Focus & Concentration | Huberman Lab Podcast In this episode, I provide a list of behavioral, nutritional, and supplement-based tools you can use to improve your ability to get into a focused state to d...

NFT Space

The NFT space keeps moving at a rapid pace even in the NFT space.

This week the homie Absolutely Wrong had his Nifty Gateway drop and lets say it sold out quick. Make sure to check out the Open Edition as well and join the shithead club.

Absolutely Wrong @Abs0lutelywrong

Part of Me & Part of You sold out on @niftygateway thank you all so much 🥲


10:50 PM ∙ Oct 9, 2022


DesLucrece also dropped his plan for MonsterMonth2. And it is a crazy one. I am attaching an image below to show the madness. This whole month is going to be insane and I hope that you will join us. PS if you have a young child that I can commision to draw for me, let me know lol.

ACK with the help of Manifold (more on them later) dropped the burning page of MaxPainV2 and people were able to burn their pieces for different colors. I chose Asphalt which was odd as I was really feeling Coral and Red but for some reason when it came down to it I chose asphalt. Something about it called out to me.

Twitter avatar for @lphaCentauriKid

Alpha Centauri Kid @lphaCentauriKid

are you in pain? suffering? She can save you... Bring us your pain. All may be redeemed -

burn.ack.artBurn Your Painby Alpha Centauri Kid

5:52 PM ∙ Oct 5, 2022


Taking a step back, I think its awesome that Manifold was able to do this for ACK and I hope this type of page becomes a thing for other artists. Manifold keeps pushing the boundries and they are doing amazing work. And witht he announcement of the tweet below, they just keep on getting better and better. Next bull Manifold is going to shine so bright that it is going to be insane.

Twitter avatar for @richerd

richerd.eth @richerd

Yesterday at @manifoldxyz we announced Gallery, our zero fee (0%) marketplace for creators → I'd like to highlight some unique aspects of Gallery and dive into the benefits Gallery has to offer creators and how it enables creative sovereignty. 🧵

gallery.manifold.xyzManifold GalleryOne Gallery To Influence Them All

10:43 PM ∙ Oct 7, 2022



Things I am looking forward to. Get your baby jacks ready because we are getting closer and closer to the burn season. I for one will be watching with intent and looking forward to what we are going to get.

Twitter avatar for @DesLucrece

Lucréce @DesLucrece

Next week. 🎃🔥


2:31 PM ∙ Oct 9, 2022


Lastly, I will be trying to find funds for my Ghxst comic and reading chapter 2 as well. As well as collecting this piece by kyokill.eth which just looks epic and the price is right.

Twitter avatar for @kyokill_

Kyokill.eth 🏝️🥽🦾 @kyokill_

My debut OPEN EDITION "..from reality" is now LIVE 💥… Available to claim for Ξ0.01 for 7 days 🦾 Minting will come with all sorts of perks, first up the chance to win a custom 1/1 from me every month 🎰 As always, RTs/likes/feedback hugely welcomed 🙌

2:05 PM ∙ Oct 6, 2022



Till next week CIAHOAD-Rick James

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