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In today’s newsletter, I’ll be going over my own journey as a creator, some knowledge I picked up this week, some news in the NFT space, and what I have my eye on this week.

What to expect: 834 words a 6.4-minute read.

TLDR: I am making a gramajo cinematic universe, don't ask for the snyder cut. Quit trying to make fetch, a thing. Everything Des Lucrece this month (he went nuts).

Creative Corner

As I have mentioned before, i've been thinking about my next project and one that combines all my creative avenues. As I have been discussing this with others to get feedback on the roadmap and overall project I feel better and better about the whole thing.

I can share a bit more details now which are, it will be a photography based universe project with a burn mechanism. I plan to make this my RDL and will probably be one of the few ways to get my 1/1 photography moving forward. Those that hold eth 1/1 will get an airdrop of the collection Season 1. I will be running the projects in seasons and most likely five drops at a time. In total the collection will be 100 pieces. I will give a WL to a reader since you are supporting me this early.

I will share more details on the theme and how you can join as I get closer to launch.


As some of you may have noticed, I usually end my newsletters with CIAHOAD, which is a shortened version of the Dave Chappelle skit with Rick James where Rick James says "Cocaine is a hell of a drug". For those that don't engage with me often on Discord or Twitter which most of my subscribers do, it is one of my used Gifs. To me it almost has nothing to do with cocaine but more about the feeling it evokes. I use it to mean, "that was crazy" or when you are experiencing FOMO as a way to convey rational thought was left behind and the fomo addiction kicked in. As you can see, it is very versatile at least to me.

So I was randomly thinking, how do new words even get made? I know that for Spanish or Castellano, we have the Real Academia Española which translates to the Royal Academy of Spanish. Which each Spanish speaking country has a delegate and they get together to decide which words get added to the language and sets standards, guidelines and more. Now English does not have one of these which leads to regional and country variances (which is also common in Spanish btw, use the word cojer wisely lol). So how would you go about getting one of these words into the dictionary, turns out, just using it. Sort of reminds me of the word fetch, you just need to make it happen. CIAHOAD.

Is a New Word Ready? | 1min snip from The Indicator from Planet 1min snip from How new words get minted | The Indicator from Planet Money

NFT Space

Rare Pepe season is upon us, there have been two drops that got me hyped. And OSF has joined the pepe world with GhostPepes which is hysterical name and very clever. I did not participate but I look forward to adding this to my list of pepes that I am after for my vault. S10 is off to a great start and if it is anything like S9, its going to be epic

Twitter avatar for @osf_nft

OSF @osf_nft

1. GHOSTPEPES, @FAKERARES_XCP S10 C30 will drop next week with @PepePawnShop! Price: 0.25E Supply: 69 1/1 holders all have allowlist option 10 spots will be raffled to RLD/Distillery holders. Allowlist drop Monday for 24H, then public sale Tuesday! Links below!

3:09 PM ∙ Oct 13, 2022


As mentioned in my previous issues, MonsterMonth, trademark pending is upon us. And Des did not let us down this season. We did not get one or two monsters, we got THREE. And these are nuts. The Hex, The Beckoner and The Doctor. Click on the link below and let me know which one is your favorite. I think mine is the Beckoner because the color is different and one I really like although The Doctor is a close 2nd for me.

Twitter avatar for @DesLucrece

Lucréce @DesLucrece

The Halloween squad has arrived! 🧙‍♀️🐈‍⬛👨‍⚕️


2:32 PM ∙ Oct 14, 2022



Things I am looking forward to. For those not in the deadchat/AbsolutelyWrong server, it appears we have some upcoming burns. I am keeping my eye on what comes next especially after that successful Nifty Gateway drop. The stars seems to be aligning for AW.

Next Jcode, who dropped Evolutions and I own a couple thanks to Dabirds. It looks like Jcode is creating his universe and The Evos will play a critical role in his future drops. Make sure to check out the full medium post below.

Twitter avatar for @jmurillocode

jcode.eth @jmurillocode

🚨Announcement - The Evos🚨 I have published a @Medium article with further details of The Evos, the key to the Jcode Universe! Link to the article below. A thread with some details👇


4:10 PM ∙ Oct 11, 2022



Till next week CIAHOAD-Rick James

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