Gramajo Pintxo's - Issue #9

Welcome to another edition of the Gramajo Pintxo’s Newsletter.

In today’s newsletter, I’ll be going over my own journey as a creator, some knowledge I picked up this week, some news in the NFT space, and what I have my eye on this week.

What to expect: 937 words a 7.2-minute read.

TLDR: I got some new logos, stickers coming soon. Corn syrup isn't looking healthy for us. The Goose is Loose with some theories. C4rdinal keeps killing it.

Creative Corner

Another week in the bear. But it seems to me that those that are sticking around around are putting in the work and collectively growing and building relationships. In the past month or so I have now met four people in real life from the Web3 space and each experience has been rewarding in its own unique way. I hope that you all are taking the time to take care of yourselves and also are building your foundation for when the bull market comes back. I look forward to succeeding with you all.

This week for my creative corner, I spent some time working and refining a logo for this newsletter and for my Discord Server, Aperture (link here). It was an overall easy process and I am happy with how everything came out. The color scheme for the Aperture is based on the film Aerochrome and the crazy colors people get and post on Instagram. The logo on the newsletter is an old film camera that looks like my Mamiya 645 which is one of my favorite cameras. I am hoping to get some stickers printed soon and will include them on my initial print run (stay tuned).


So this week, I decided to revisit sugar intake and how pervasive it is on our daily life. Especially with Halloween later today (assuming you are reading on the day I send this). Seriously, next time you are about to grab a snack or a drink, just take a look at the ingredients and see if added sugars is a thing. You will be surprised by what has sugar and how much of it. Orange juice has added sugar for some reason even though it is already sweet.

Specifically be on the look out for high fructose corn syrup ("HFCS"). Although the full big picture implications for HFCS are still being finalized even after all this time since it has been added to our diet, Levels has gone and found some pubmed docs you can check out and read below for your reference. The signs are not looking to great HFCS but I can't lie, a good coke with some al pastor tacos does tend to hit the spot.

Levels @Levels

🙈 Health effects Studies demonstrate potential negative health impacts: - 2x fatty acid & triglyceride synthesis in livers (PMID: 33684506) - Decreased levels of healthy gut bacteria (PMID 33182700) - Uric acid buildup (PMID 26703429) - Metabolic syndrome

8:17 PM ∙ Oct 14, 2022

Also, make sure to check out the Monster Cooking page. And if you aren't at least reading that channel on a frequent basis you are missing out. A couple members have gone down a rabbit hole on finding and using vintage cast irons and so far the results seem like we should all be buying them (not financial advice).


NFT Space

A recap to what I saw on my neck of the woods as the NFT space is so expansive. LuisPonce had a crazy drop and reveal. Thank you to reader (Aldover.eth) for bring this one to my attention. But this one was one for the ages. So LuisPonce had a puzzle with audio and visuals for people to figure out including the order of operations. From there you had 30 mins to get your answer and the one who got the answer or the closest would get a prize. Although I did not participate, I am just in awe on the craziness.

Twitter avatar for @luispon_c

Luis Ponce @luispon_c

‘Interface of Perception’ PHASE 3, the one leading to the end of this frenzy was revealed in Discord yesterday 👁 Answers will be submitted at 3 PM EST TODAY, window open for 30 mins… be ready! LFG!

2:24 PM ∙ Oct 27, 2022


Willy Wonka aka DesLucrece airdropped LOM5 to those that had 1-4 before a certain date. And the theories on what is in store are getting spicy. We still have time for baby jacks to strike but Goose laid it out nicely with this image below. I dont know what this wild thing is that Des has in mind but I am bucked up and ready to experience FOMO.

Twitter avatar for @DesLucrece

Lucréce @DesLucrece

Your golden ticket awaits. ✉️🧿


3:59 PM ∙ Oct 28, 2022


And a quick shoutout to AlphaCentauriKid on making the crossover from Web3 to Christies Auction House. Like Sothebys they handle some high level sells and transactions in the art space. I became most familiar with them when a this crazy Gundam inspired piece of art sold for 600k and as a watch person a Patek selling for over 6 millions USD in the last couple of years. You should check those out and congrats to ACK!

Twitter avatar for @lphaCentauriKid

Alpha Centauri Kid @lphaCentauriKid

it's Muse szn


5:08 PM ∙ Oct 24, 2022



Things I am looking forward to that are coming up. All things C4rdinal. C4rdinal has been dropping heat after heat and this latest teaser below has me feeling all sorts of feelings lol.

Twitter avatar for @C4RDlNAL


This should be someone’s pfp tbh


10:11 PM ∙ Oct 30, 2022


I am also looking forward to how Monster Month will end (trademark pending) with this last drop today October 31, 2022. So make sure to have your 75 tezos ready.

Lastly, I am looking forward to owning another JakeTheDegen piece in my collection whenever we get a sneak peek at that.


Till next week CIAHOAD-Rick James

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