Haunted Cards, Bitcoin Breakthroughs, and Digital Tattoos: Embracing the New Era of Collectibles and Culture | Issue #43

From Courtyard's Haunting Collection to MoMA's Web3 Journey: A Glimpse into the Future of Collectibles, Currency, and Culture

Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Degen Report.

What to expect: 1752 words a 6.5-minute read.

TLDR: New website, who dis? MLB teams travel a ton. I swear I am no longer a BTC Maxi and more.

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Creative Corner

GM GM. Lets dive in!

Wrapped up my new website shoutout (K0). I was playing around with Typedream and Framer and did make it pretty far on a way more complex site but sometimes simpler is just better. With this new website I am able to make edits and deploy way easier and on mobile. So check out my new site and let me know what you think.

For those into Pokemon, I decided to crack open some older sets for my first livestream. I will be opening up some Hidden Rares ETBs, and if you dare you can join me. I created a discount code for readers of this newsletter, use โ€œrektโ€ on my store to get 10% off.

Lastly, new piece with Nishe drops this week and I secured my next artist Deep Dive which I think you will all like.


I love this kind of knowledge. Combination of sports, logistics and more. So did you guys know, MLB players can travel over 40,000 air miles each season, often transitioning from one three-game series to another in different cities. While teams either charter or own planes, with the luxury level often correlating with team payrolls, the collective bargaining agreement ensures players stay in "first class" (which is a vague as term, intentionally) hotels, offering 24-hour room service. The nuances of their travel include nutritional supplements upon hotel arrivals, high-end post-game meals, and often, top players having contracts that guarantee premium hotel rooms. Despite the rigorous travel schedule, it's these journeys that often foster the strongest team bonds through activities like in-flight card games and team dinners. I found this tweet insightful and made me realize that teams with higher payrolls can flex on teams with smaller ones in more subtle ways (Go Giants!).

NFT Space

Courtyard recently announced their Halloween drop and what cards are available. Each pack costs $99. The collection is called Legend of the Haunted (dropping October 17th) and it has some really good cards. Some highlights include a Pikachu promo in a costume wearing the Rayquaza Gem Mint 10 and a 2021 Evolving Sky Secret Rare Umbreon. A 1999 Japanese Alakazam Mint 8.

In addition to these, there's a 1999 non-first edition Jungle Snorlax, and a Typhlosion, which is a Japanese Mint 10. Even some of the newer cards are nice like a 2022 Giratina Secret Alt Art Rare (โ€œSARโ€) Mint 10.

Overall, there's a great selection of cards available for $99. I'm really liking what Courtyard is doing.

On the Bitcoin side, I am a recovering Bitcoin maxi; now I'm more on the Eth side. Mutiny Wallet, one of the newer wallets in the Bitcoin world, has made it easier to gift SATS over to someone.

They just scan a QR code and then they're allowed to redeem Bitcoin. This is a self-custodial process, meaning that Mutiny's not holding the money. No one's holding the money. You're in charge of the money, which is great. It is a premium feature, but if it supports development, I'm all for that.

Mutiny Gifts!

Sticking with the Bitcoin news. Coinkite dropping a new device called the SatsLink. It's a P2P device that looks like an old school calculator. They're talking about how you'll be able to use it as a lightning wallet, and a Nostr client, Nostr, is a P2P social media app that's taking off.

That's the one that Jack Dorsey supported after he left Twitter for a bit, and it's been getting some good development. There's a lot of controversy from the open source community regarding the type of licenses that Coinkite uses, and whether the development of the apps that you built on SatsLink will allow you to make a living. Or if you are just going to build code for free for Coinkite.

coinkite satslink

RiverRyan, shout out to him for this one, noticed on the Noble Website that December 6th, 2023 will be the Noble Season Finale. We've seen Noble Passes, the DK piece, go under half an ETH, a pretty good entry into the community and this finale. I think it came back up after this, but it's going to be 10 artists, so it should be epic.

As a reminder, the last season finale was Xcopy, Grant Yun, and Otherworld. We'll see what happens on December 6th. Noble is also currently running a 60 day challenge if anyone is trying to kick start their fitness journey before the new year.


Trezor also recently announced their new wallet, similar to Ledger that announced Stax, this is the Trezor Safe 3. It's a new wallet with an OLED screen and two buttons. They also announced a new metal backup recovery process tool. It's good to see more hardware development. We'll see where this lands in terms of launch. The Stax drop from Ledger has taken its time, so we'll see if Trezor's able to keep up with their demand and deliver in a timely fashion.


Over at the generative side, Tyler Hobbs recently tweeted out regarding a company called BlackDot. It looks to be like you could get essentially a computer to do your tattoo. There's a bit of discussion around this regarding tattoo artists, and whether you would let a robot do a tattoo.

It's not that you don't trust a robot, it's more like people were arguing over, with a computer obviously they can be extremely precise, and everyone's skin can be different. So do you actually want your tattoo to be this precise, or do you kind of want the variance of a hand, which kind of leads to the novelty, or the beauty of the art on your skin, just because everyone's different. The artist also that's tattooing you is different, but we'll see where kind of this goes.

Will we be able to get some Tyler Hobbs tattoos? I donโ€™t know but maybe we can start a gofund me so HiimDave can get himself a Fidenza tattoo, since he really loves Fidenzas lol.

On some other news, ACK, received a letter from Vogue regarding one of his latest pieces, telling him/Opensea to take it down. Alpha Centauri after that said that he was going to clap back, and basically see if he can get it removed. Within, I think I would say 48 hours, maybe even 24 hours, ACK was able to get this IP infringement claim removed/lifted, and he was able to get everything reinstated at OpenSea. Everything seems to be back where it belongs, and all is right in the world..

Not sure how ACK was able to get legal departments to move this quickly, you know, I work in legal, so it's kind of funny that he was able to get people to move this quickly. So kudos to ACK, glad that you were able to defend yourself, and that you were able to still keep your art up. Nice little win.


Some other news, Farcaster recently opened up a completely permissionless, so you are now able to go into Farcaster. Farcaster is a protocol, kind of like the Nostr one, but this is a P2P kind of Mastodon social media platform. You could find me on there as well (0xGramajo), I know I've now been talking about a bunch of decentralization social platforms, but I am really excited about all of them, and Farcaster is definitely one at the top.

I have been enjoying the progressive decentralization that we're doing. You know, as much as I love Twitter, you got to be ready for whatever, especially with what's happening with Twitter, they're talking about maybe rolling out ID features and all that. So I don't know, always good to be ready for anything to happen and to get rugged, especially if people are making money from it, you don't want to get your livelihood rugged.

Some fun news VeeFriends x Crocs dropping some Halloween Jibbitz. Jibbitz charms, for those that don't know, are these little charms that you can put on your Crocs. Yes I wear Crocs (don't judge). They're comfy and yes, I am a sneakerhead, but I still rock them.

These are some really cool looking Jibbitz. I love the Jibbitz and the personalization that you can bring to them. The last ones that I really enjoyed were the Bad Bunny ones.

Some other big news, this is probably one of the bigger news pieces, was the MoMA recently acquiring Machine Hallucinations into its permanent collection. This is a dope piece by Rafik Anadol. Great to see it join their permanent collection. You are now able to go see it. It's also awesome to see the Museum of Modern Art join us in this Web3/digital art journey. I'm excited to see what else joins this collection.


The Zealy.io word for this weeks read is, โ€œMOMAโ€. Make sure to get in on the fun and giveaways.

Notable Sales

Xcopy continues staying hot. Gobshites sold for 18.5eth.


One of my favorite Xcopy pieces sold as well. The Doomed sold for 21.5eth.

The Doomed

Another RLD sold for 8eth, on the heels of the other one from last week at 6.9eth.


With the auctions for the Sketchbook drop by William Mapan, I have been enjoying the outputs people have been producing. This one below by iCliff.


Been a big fan an admirer of Lord and Solitary Journey (2023) is one beautiful wide piece that I recently fell in love with when it crossed my timeline.


Looks like Monster Month is going to kick off soon over the Monster server with Des Lucrece.

Meme Of The Week

Shoutout Sergito for this one lol.



Have a great rest of your week!

CIAHOAD-Rick James

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