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Now I am hungry for tacos!

Welcome to another edition of the Pintxo’s Newsletter.

What to expect: 908 words a 7.1-minute read.

TLDR: Use OTP app vs SMS for 2FA. MendezMendez killed it with his new piece. Decxdes drop this week by GxngYxng. Eat tacos.

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Creative Corner

It has been a whirlwind since getting back from Guatemala for me. Sending this to you all a bit later than usual since I had a fever all weekend. This week, I am processing my images I took from Guatemala and mostly sitting with them to see which ones I like for minting purposes.

After last weeks poll, I will be doing an OE and a new 1/1. I will share images once I have made some minor edits. I am also on the sample stages for some prints and waiting to get them from the shop. Hoping to have some of those ready for the new year.


This week I wanted to share some of my knowledge on a security topic. Time based one time password (“OTP”).

I am sure some of you know what these are but those that don’t they are a second factor authentication (“2fa”) method that use unique hash code + UTC time to let you into your accounts. An example of this is Authy or Google Authenticator.

Now the part I want to spend time on is, why you should be an app over another 2FA method like texting. Hackers can phish your SIM and impersonate your phone number. So if you decide to not use an app, at least lock your sim with your own code.

There are two methods to get these unique codes into new phone. Either you store them in the cloud (either your own iCloud, google drive or someone else’s cloud authy servers) or you can do usb stick/NAS/etc.

Apps like OTP Auth, Raivo OTP on iOS and Aegis on Android have these features which Google Auth does not. Authy is the easiest one of them all as they will have your codes in their cloud.

Using an app is preferred so the above example does not happen or it becomes more difficult. An app would also make it so you can get in even if you switch phone numbers (you won’t lock yourself out). When you buy a new phone you need import the “hash” into new phone so it is in sync with old phone and your codes will continue to work.

You might be thinking, why would anyone go through the lengths of doing this. And the easy answer is, most crypto chains are public so everyone can see how much you have of anything and you can easily become a target. So take care of yourself. If you have questions, feel free to shoot me a message.

NFT Space

With Art Basel this week in Miami, a decent amount of activity took place this past week. From an xcopy piece that you can see below which I believe had a scavenger hunt component to it.

🤖 @xcopybot

Decal by XCOPY #27 sold for 3.6Ξ…


8:29 PM ∙ Dec 5, 2022

Fellow Alphadoggg member MendezMendez dropped this absolutely gorgeous piece on SuperRare. Even the edition piece for all the bidders is a great addition to any collection.

Skulls are such a great way for an artist to express their creativity. Throughout history, many have tackled skulls and added their own twist. I have always enjoyed the Shakespearean juxtaposition of the skull representing death as inventible but flowers also representing new life. Throw in the comparative size of the “man” next to the skull in Mendez’s piece, I can’t help stare at it in awe.

Twitter avatar for @mendezmendezart

mendezmendez @mendezmendezart

intrusive thoughts Out now on @SuperRare 💎 All bidders receive an edition of intruder. No reserve 💀


8:15 PM ∙ Dec 1, 2022


Another piece that caught my eye this past week was the one below. I am going to assume this is a drone shot. I typically am not a fan of drone shots but the colors on this one are insane.

Twitter avatar for @SuperRareBot

SuperRare Bot 💎 @SuperRareBot

💎 Wrecked 💎 ✨ Artwork by @Timmboslice_ 💰 Sold to enterprisesaas for 2.1 ETH ($2,702.89)… $RARE #CryptoArt #NFT


12:40 PM ∙ Dec 1, 2022



CloneX gave us a sneak peak and something they are dropping later this week. Based on the teaser it looks like we are going see some shoes/NFT around shoes with Nike.

Twitter avatar for @RTFKT


Back to the Future 🛹 But the Future is Now⚡️

2:31 PM ∙ Dec 4, 2022


Remember Coinbase NFT Marketplace? Gxng Yxng later this week will be dropping his new Decxdes project on Coinbase. I am looking forward to how these will further expand the universe that Gxng Yxng is creating. And congrats to all the server winners who got these before they dropped, well deserved.

Twitter avatar for @Ghxsts

Ghxsts | NFT Collectibles @Ghxsts

December 6th 12pm EST Decxdes begin 🔥


3:35 AM ∙ Nov 30, 2022


Meme Of The Week

With the holidays around the corner, this meme submitted by Fooh gave me a good chuckle. Now I am craving al pastor tacos.


Till next week CIAHOAD-Rick James

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