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Welcome to another edition of the Pintxo’s Newsletter.

What to expect: 897 words a 7-minute read.

TLDR: New Gramajo OE, GuateWalks. Bee’s only live for 6 weeks. Big sales this past week in the NFT space. Griftermemes has been killing me.

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Creative Corner

As promised, I got two new pics for you all. I have a new b&w 1/1 next week the 21st for 24 hours and an OE inspired by Studiobrooke that will open up later this week for 0.025eth. Half the funds from the OE will go to Fotokids which helps kids in Guatemala get out of poverty by using creative means specifically photography.

The black and white image is titled “Volcan de Agua” which translates to water volcano which is the name of this specific volcano in Lake Atitlan. The OE is titled “GuateWalks”


This week, I was just blown away by bees and this interview by Joe Rogan.

I learned that bees only live for 6 weeks during their busy time of their year (Spring/Summer) and the queen bee can live up to five years. I also learned that most of the bees we see are female bees and male bees are pretty useless other than for procreation lol. As for the procreation aspect of the male bees, they also tend to fly up as a group 100ft in the air and the pheromones they put off is enough to attract queen bees to come and mate.

I also found it interesting that the bees although they have a queen they don’t really operate in a monarchy or in the way we would think. They essentially democratically elect which female larva can be the next queen and if it happens to be from the queen bee then the lineage continues but if they decide as a group differently, then a completely different female larva is selected to be the new queen bee. And if there is any overlap, they fight to death. Nature is legit sometimes wild to think about.

NFT Space

Some good sales and news came out this week. Mr. Lakon started us off with this spicy auction which the art on was FIRE. Fellow Alphadoggg holder Shatt ended up with this beauty. I have a couple early pieces from Lakon on Tezos and his/her growth has been amazing to watch.

Twitter avatar for @mrLakon

𝙻𝚊𝚔𝚘𝚗 @mrLakon


2:00 AM ∙ Dec 7, 2022


The spicy sales from there continued with some really nice bear activity on some projects. This anticyclone by WilliamPan which is trippy to look at sold for a whopping 182eth. This thing is a beauty; not sure how the the person landed on this price but it is a gorgeous piece to own.

Twitter avatar for @LinusCaldwell5

LinusCaldwell.eth @LinusCaldwell5

This GRAIL anticyclone just sold for 182 eth 🤯 Congrats @trilldeceased and @seedphrase and @williamapan on a new ATH

6:05 PM ∙ Dec 9, 2022


From there the fun continued with BYAC with some great sales below. Overall “bigger” projects have been slowly climbing back up from Azuki, Doodle, etc. I am not sure what it all means as the macro economic factors haven’t really changed imo but hey, people seem to be doubling down on projects and I can’t blame them on taking a chance and loading up for the future.

Twitter avatar for @punk9059

NFTstatistics.eth @punk9059

The Trippy Fur/Rainbow Grill BAYC that sold yesterday for 420.69 ETH was the 3rd most expensive ape sale of the past month. See the top 4 attached. Gold Fur: 800 ETH 4T Trippy: 613 ETH Rainbow Trippy: 420 ETH Blue Beams Noise: 280 ETH


3:49 PM ∙ Dec 9, 2022



I have my eye on this ledger purely from a user experience and seeing how the new secure chip this ledger has holds up in security review. It is interesting to see how you can place your NFT as an image on these but not sure how I would feel flexing a valuable asset when someone could literally force you to send it to them haha. But hey, whatever floats people boats. I just hope we get one with a lower price point so the masses can enjoy something functional and easy to use.

Twitter avatar for @brycent_

Brycent 🚀 @brycent_

Firmly convinced @Ledger is the Apple of Web3. 🔥 First time trying the Ledger Stax! 🥹

3:51 PM ∙ Dec 6, 2022


Amator went quite for a bit on us but he appears to be working on his next generative art project and the algorithm seems to be behaving nicely and outputting some great work. I am hoping holders of “The Climb” can get a WL for this coming project and maybe it will be on Eth as well, but only Amator truly knows what he wants to do next. Maybe we can get a deep dive to go over what he has been working on.

Twitter avatar for @Amatoer_tez

Amatør ⍟ @Amatoer_tez

GM, #wip #fxhash #p5js #tezos


3:51 PM ∙ Dec 7, 2022


Meme Of The Week

This week was an easy week for me as Xcopy started #griftermemes on Twitter and it has been hilarious seeing all the memes unfold. This one comes courtesy of HiimDave which is simple but hilarious because it is in line with the source. I highly suggest you all take a look at that twitter hashtag this week to get in on the fun.

Twitter avatar for @Hiim_Dave

HiimDave @Hiim_Dave

@XCOPYART #griftermemes @XCOPYART


8:47 PM ∙ Dec 9, 2022



Till next week CIAHOAD-Rick James

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