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SBF arrested, time to buy your on chain gin!

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TLDR: Although cannabis can help with going into sleep, your quality of sleep will suffer. SBF arrested, on chain gin is a thing. !Wen Fauci NFT? RIP Ash, we will miss you.

Creative Corner

I ended up switching my previous plan of a 1/1 auction with an OE. After reading a post from a couple artist like MendezMendez, Cana, and C4rdinal I determined that I had to try something I had never done before which was create a no reserve auction for my 1/1 and instead of an OE I did a bidder edition.

I am happy with the results for the most part. I got confirmation on some pricing that I had in mind as well as my bidder edition making its way into 7 new holders of my work. Congrats to fellow Alphadoggg member T3 for scooping up my latest piece. I am including a video to the lead up of my shot in case anyone wants to check it out.

Lastly, I ended up booking 7 new interviews in the last three days! I am finalizing the schedule for the interviews but I am excited to bring even more deep information to you all via my new podcast launching next week and this newsletter. So thank you all for your support.

gramajo @jgramajo4

1 hour left on auction, here is a slow mode of the lead up to the shot

12:27 AM ∙ Dec 18, 2022


As some of you may know, I am a big fan of the Huberman Lab podcast and overall wellness and extracting the most out of ones potential.

One thing I learned this week that caught me by surprise was how cannabis and CBD can impact the quality of your sleep. I recall having issues sleeping at one point and even had borderline insomnia in college as my whole schedule was messed up from just not being smart with my time. And the only thing that really helped me was cannabis or CBD to break out of that downward spiral.

Although cannabis/CBD and alcohol can help with falling into sleep the quality of your sleep is impacted by this. This episode from the Huberman Lab is a short one but insightful on how to get deeper sleep. The goal is to have equal parts, deep, REM and light sleep for maximum efficiency.

Twitter avatar for @jgramajo4

gramajo @jgramajo4

Cannabis and Sleep: What You Need to Know 1min highlight from the @hubermanlab podcast which I created with @snipd_app

share.snipd.comCannabis and Sleep: What You Need to Know | 1min snip from Huberman Lab1min snip from AMA #2: Improve Sleep, Reduce Sugar Cravings, Optimal Protein Intake, Stretching Frequency & More | Huberman Lab

4:18 AM ∙ Dec 19, 2022

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NFT Space

Well it finally happened, SBF has been arrested and is seeking extradition to the USA. He must be feeling really confident he will get out if he is asking to be moved to a USA prison. If any of you watch Yellowstone, it reminds me of the scene where the bad guys are trying to get into Canada because their prisons are nicer vs Montana prisons lol.

Twitter avatar for @tier10k

db @tier10k

[DB] SBF Arrested by Bahamian Authorities

11:34 PM ∙ Dec 12, 2022


With what continues to happen with Centralized Exchanges, it was great to see Thorchain continue their development and announce the below. I a big proponent of Decentralized Exchanges or mechanisms. It is what crypto is all about. How we went from taking the power back to then sending our coins to CEX is baffling to me at times. In the current stage, I can’t blame people, the experience of swapping from one currency to another without a CEX is difficult (shoutout to K0 swap). The UX/UI is atrocious for most of these swap tools but as we continue our maturity I hope we continue the development of these tools so that we all don’t get rugged together.

Twitter avatar for @THORChain

THORChain @THORChain

All your favourite wallets will soon support L1<>L1 swaps. Then they will support L1 savings. Then finally L1 lending. You'll never need a CEX again. Let's get it. $RUNE

5:17 AM ∙ Dec 14, 2022


Bringing the digital world and physical world is one part of Web3 that continues to excited me. From LuisPonce’s crazy table NFT to Evinco Winery DAO, which I am a holder of. It is what finally got me over the hump and into NFTs. As a recent new drinker of gin, seeing this project come across my timeline made me realize this is a solid gift idea to get people into NFTs haha.

Twitter avatar for @carlypreilly

Carly Reilly @carlypreilly

1/ Folks... I've got an announcement... The first OPJ NFTs are AVAILABLE TO MINT NOW at the link in my bio SURPRISE (RT this thread for the chance to win one - Winners of our last giveaway announced at the bottom) Here's the deal...


4:33 PM ∙ Dec 15, 2022


Last bit of news this past week, Donald Trump created some NFTs and they sold out like hot cakes. Even going up to over 0.75 eth around 4pm on December 17th. Did any of you scoop and sell at the top? If so, bravo. I look forward to the Fauci Collectible cards lol.

Twitter avatar for @CollectTrump

CollectTrumpCards @CollectTrump

SOLD OUT IN HOURS. WE MADE HISTORY! Thank you! @realDonaldTrump #MajorAnnouncement #TrumpCard


5:21 AM ∙ Dec 17, 2022



My first FX Hash purchase was from Ahmad Moussa (Scribble #220) which is a piece I adore. Since then I have picked up a couple pieces along the way and the previews of the items below get me excited of what comes next for Ahmad.

Twitter avatar for @gorillasu

Ahmad Moussa || Gorilla Sun @gorillasu

Ok last ones for today! Kind of have a "Starry Night" feel to me 🤔 #creativecoding #p5js

ImageImageImageTwitter avatar for @gorillasu

Ahmad Moussa || Gorilla Sun @gorillasu

Let your art decide what it wants to be! 🐍🍄🐞 #creativecoding #p5js

4:55 PM ∙ Dec 17, 2022


AbsolutelyWrong has been quiet for a bit but boy did he come back swinging with this SuperRare piece. I think this may be my favorite piece so far from AW. I like that the demons that the person is fighting from within is more scary than smokey the bear.

Twitter avatar for @Abs0lutelywrong

Absolutely Wrong @Abs0lutelywrong

"I Heard The Monsters Made Him" is now listed on @SuperRare


7:41 PM ∙ Dec 16, 2022


Meme Of The Week

Well with the retirement of Ash and Pikachu (cue the butterfree scene). It was only fitting to include this dark but hilarious meme below. Although I have been ready for a new main character, it is sad to see someone I grew up with finally become old. Take care friend.

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Joonas 🇫🇮 @slackerjonze

@DolanDark @DiscussingFilm


1:39 PM ∙ Dec 16, 2022



Till next week CIAHOAD-Rick James

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