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TLDR: UGM launch. Buy what you like, dont FOMO. OE season is upon us. Some big xcopy sales recently.

Creative Corner

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. I took a quick break from posting as I added a new member to my family close to Christmas. Or as Mondoggg would say, “I minted a 1/1 in the meatverse”.

I haven’t had too much free time with my new responsibilities but I did manage to sneak in my new contract before the changes to OpenSea took place.

U Got Mail will be a photo series and universe around the postal services around the world and how communities interact with them. It is a service that is complex, under appreciated and one that has impact for many. I know that when my father was deported at the beginning of the pandemic. He landed in a rural part of Guatemala and I was concerned how I would get items to him from the USA. But I just showed up to my USPS and it got to him in the end. This collection will be all 1/1’s with some other peripheral collections that are edition based (postcards and stamps) to build out the universe. Current 1/1 holders on Eth will get a corresponding token in this collection as all my future airdrops will be based on holding a UGM.

gramajo @jgramajo4

2023 about to be BIG


5:00 PM ∙ Dec 30, 2022



As some of you may know, I launched a podcast recently and aired my first episode. I interviewed Aldover.Eth and learned some advice along the way. Learning from other and gathering information to make more informed decisions is great skill and one I constantly want to refine. It saves me the trouble of learning hard lessons even though those have to be learned as well.

Although I heard this piece of advice often, it can be hard to remember so I am attaching a short snip below if you want to give that a listen. That piece of advice that I have to constantly remind myself is to no FOMO and buy NFTs that you will like regardless of the price. Those types of transaction will perform better for you in the long run. Again, a lot easier said than done.

If you want to listen to the whole podcast, you can do so in your favorite app of choice as it is now on all major podcasting platforms. I will be interviewing more artist, degens with the objective to share their knowledge and wisdom.

Twitter avatar for @jgramajo4

gramajo @jgramajo4

Some solid advice from @aldover_eth on navigating NFT world. 1min highlight from the Gramajo's Pintxos podcast

share.snipd.comAdvice from Aldover.eth | 1min snip from Gramajo’s Pintxos1min snip from Gramajo Pintxo’s Episode 1 - Aldover | Gramajo’s Pintxos

4:47 PM ∙ Jan 1, 2023


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NFT Space

A ton has happened in my two week break. At a high level, OE season is here. From MendezMendez OE, UCZine, AW, JakeTheDegen and more. With the last one, coming with some undeserved controversy. People bought Jake’s OE thinking they were going to make a killing instead of buying it because they liked his work or that piece and just wanted to have a piece of his. This is how I view OEs, giving people a chance to own something from an artist if there regular editions are too pricey for them. But when the price didn’t pop as fast as they wanted they got mad and the floor dropped. Going back to the above, always buy something because you like it or just want a piece not because you want to pump your bags in less than 5 minutes.

Two OEs that recently caught my attention are one from Rezva which can be seen below. Mostly because of the color and the SUPER smooth animation that it has. I ended up getting two, doing giveaway this coming week.

Twitter avatar for @rezvaexe

Rezva🇺🇦 @rezvaexe

Fragile Balance, @manifoldxyz open edition. The claim ends Jan 2, 2023.… This year was too much, and no way of knowing where I'd be without art and many of you ❤️ Thank you! Big things coming in 2023, and some hints are on the claim page 🔥


9:13 PM ∙ Dec 29, 2022


The last OE I wanted to share with you is this one from Ghxsts. The complexity around these OEs is getting up there. I won’t be participating on this one specifically but I look forward to more people joining the server and what the final piece will look like.

Twitter avatar for @Ghxsts

Ghxsts | NFT Collectibles @Ghxsts

This mint is open for everyone 🙏 Primary colors public mint today, Jan 8 at 6 p.m. ET. Open for only 10 minutes. Red: Yellow: Blue: 🎨➡️🔥👀


5:26 PM ∙ Jan 8, 2023


Lastly some sales news, in case you missed these. We had some crazy sales recently and its getting some people to think we might be going into an NFT bull soon (NFA). Xcopy is definitely leading the charge with these crazy high sales

Twitter avatar for @SuperRareBot

SuperRare Bot 💎 @SuperRareBot

💎 Utopia 💎 ✨ Artwork by @XCOPYART 💰 Sold to 6529fundszn4 for 325.0 ETH ($393,350.75)… $RARE #CryptoArt #NFT


2:21 PM ∙ Dec 22, 2022


Twitter avatar for @xcopybot

🤖 @xcopybot

Last Selfie sold for 200.0Ξ


3:30 PM ∙ Dec 29, 2022


And the last epic sale that caught my eye was this cryptopunk. Which I still think went for lower than expect in my opinion.

Twitter avatar for @cryptopunksbot

CryptoPunks Bot @cryptopunksbot

Punk 2066 bought for 1,155 ETH ($1,381,010.46 USD) by 0x7eb413 from 0x5f4afe.… #cryptopunks #ethereum


1:51 AM ∙ Dec 31, 2022



Things I am keeping my eye on this week are the Sotheby’s Des Lucrece Auctions. With my new all time favorite piece being The Return (below). I think the reason The Return speaks to me is that it reminds me of Isaac Newton. Enjoying your time and thoughts until you have a breakthrough.

Twitter avatar for @Arthemort

Arthemort @Arthemort

Return By @DesLucrece One of the piece that will be presented at Sotheby's today. A Thread 🧵

1:03 PM ∙ Jan 5, 2023


Another person I am keeping my eye on this week and in the future is Bongdoe. This specific piece caught my eye and although I did not have time to bid on the auction, I will be making sure to keep an eye on this artist moving forward.

Twitter avatar for @bongdoe

bongdoe @bongdoe

archive foundation: trial x error Reserve price at 0.05 ETH live on @foundation #Foundation #NFTdrop #Ethereum #NFT #NFTCommunity #NFTs #GlitchArt #1of1 🔗🔽

archive foundation: trial x error

12:49 PM ∙ Dec 20, 2022


Meme Of The Week

With the recent controversy around Manchester United’s NFT collection, I found this to be hysterical. Thank you Arthemort for showing me this one, nearly choked on my water when I saw this. Too hilarious and hopefully something we can all continue laughing about in the future.



Till next week CIAHOAD-Rick James

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