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DesLucrece OE this week?!

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TLDR: Failure is part of the growing process. DesLucrece and Bongdoe had crazy weeks. Des OE this week?

Creative Corner

Nothing major to report on this front this week. Hooked up my Metamask to Instagram so I can easily share my minted work on Insta to cross pollenate from Twitter. Feel free to give me a follow.

Getting some stickers created for Monster Server, Alphadoggg and myself. If you want any free stickers, just ping me on twitter and I can get some over to you.


I am not sure if the weather is getting to me or if it is because of the stage I am in life. But I have been reflecting more and more on why I am doing this. I went back and gave this episode of Optimize Yourself a listen. It talks about failure and it resonates with me.

Some of the projects and companies I respect build out in the open. It is what I like about Open Source projects. When you build something out in the public it is easy to criticize. But when you free yourself of the worry of failure or not being successful you in return get a continuous loop of feedback to get better and continue refining. This is what I have to remind myself. So thank you for being a part of this process with me. I hope the below snippet can help you as well.

gramajo @jgramajo4

Accepting Failure Optimize Yourself podcast

share.snipd.comAccepting Failure | 1min snip from Optimize Yourself1min snip from Ep54: The Darker Side of Creativity | with Daniel Arnold | Optimize Yourself

6:27 AM ∙ Jan 16, 2023

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NFT Space

It was another milestone week in the NFT space this past week. DesLucrece broke all expectations with his auctions and kick started a mini bull. Congratulations to you friend. From SuperRare taking its time to approve you to having a crazy auction week on one of the longest established auction houses. You deserve all the success you are having. Welcome to all the new owners, I am sure by now you realize a gem of community you have joined.

Twitter avatar for @Arthemort

Arthemort @Arthemort

So @DesLucrece just sold Aprox 250 000$ of art today

5:22 PM ∙ Jan 12, 2023


As mentioned in the last issue, Bongdoe has been on a tear. And this past week it culminated in an ATH sale of 6.9eth from none other than Aldover.eth. It seems in this mini bull we are having that many people are discovering Tezos and the artist that started in Tezos specifically glitch artist like uczine and now bongdoe. I thought I had more time to get my 1/1 but it appears that window is quickly closing.

Twitter avatar for @bongdoe

bongdoe @bongdoe

archive foundation: trial x error Reserve price at 0.05 ETH live on @foundation #Foundation #NFTdrop #Ethereum #NFT #NFTCommunity #NFTs #GlitchArt #1of1 🔗🔽

archive foundation: trial x error

12:49 PM ∙ Dec 20, 2022


The casino aka fxhash has dropped a new feature for all you degens that enjoy shopping with credit cards. I look forward to someone buying a Zancan with afterpay haha. I am happy to see this feature as it can help more casual users get onboarded with fxhash.

Twitter avatar for @fx_hash_

fxhash @fx_hash_

💳 Buy generative art on fxhash with a credit card, debit, or Apple Pay – powered by @winter_NFTs ❄️ Now, you can click the new credit card icon next to the mint button to quickly & securely buy generative art. Moments after checkout is completed, art arrives in your wallet 💨

7:45 PM ∙ Jan 13, 2023


Rounding out the eventful week. We had a crazy sale of some fidenzas for MutantHounds. Which in my opinion, I don’t think this will look like a great sale in long run, but Fidenzas are a grail for me, so what do I know.

Twitter avatar for @lior_eth

lior.eth @lior_eth

Fidenza for a Mega Collar. Good trade. $106,257 biggest sale in Hounds history, less than a month since mint. Love to see it!!!!! @MutantHounds


5:08 PM ∙ Jan 11, 2023



Things I am looking forward to this week on the in the near future. Seattledog, seems to be cooking something up with his collection. I even saw a tweet mentioning manifold so it could be an expansion of his tezos collection. With his level of creativity, I am sure I am going to enjoy what unfolds next.

Twitter avatar for @seattledog0603

seattledog @seattledog0603

The bag collection, dropping soon...keep your eyes out! Maybe as soon as next week...

Twitter avatar for @punk3178

Scalynelson 👽 @punk3178

Got my good friend @seattledog0603 into NFTs a while ago and so great to see how he’s blossomed. Makes me proud 🥲

4:28 AM ∙ Jan 13, 2023

Cemhah shared a sneakpeek of a pepe/tree of life. Which hast to be one of new favorite pieces of his. For my sake, I hope it is an edition but if it ends up being a 1/1 the auction is going to be epic.

Twitter avatar for @cemhah

Cemhah @cemhah

"Dance with the tree of life"


5:08 PM ∙ Jan 11, 2023


PartySkullz is gearing up for his one-year celebration with this beauty of a 1/1 and some edition work. I will be keeping an eye on this auction and participating when the time is right.

Twitter avatar for @PartySkullz

PͪaͣrͬtͩySͨkͦuͬlͤlz @PartySkullz

Only a day or so to go until the @PartySkullz 1yr anniversary! Don’t forget to check out the #Tezos event details below. Also, keep an eye out for the 1/1 @manifoldxyz #Skullz drop 👀.

Juggling ActTwitter avatar for @PartySkullz

PͪaͣrͬtͩySͨkͦuͬlͤlz @PartySkullz

To celebrate the @PartySkullz 1 year anniversary we are throwing a #SkullParty $Tezos event!💀🎉🤘 Create and mint your own PartySkull! Use the tag #partyskullz1yr Tag @PartySkullz & @indiorobot so we can see and share your creation! Runs from Jan 17 - 23 (See 🧵👇)

3:53 AM ∙ Jan 16, 2023

Also get your eth ready, Des does not want to miss a beat and as usual I suspect this one will be spicy.

Twitter avatar for @DesLucrece

Lucréce @DesLucrece

Edition drop this coming week? 👀

2:25 AM ∙ Jan 16, 2023


Meme Of The Week

As someone who has a 24-port switch at home for my home server. I had to share this meme that Johann uploaded. Make sure to start your kids early on getting them ready with docker and running their own self hosted software hahah.



Till next week CIAHOAD-Rick James

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