Pintxo's - Issue #20

What path will you choose? Noir or Color?

Welcome to another edition of the Pintxos Newsletter.

What to expect: 800 words a 4-minute read.

TLDR: Dropped an OE. Make sure to unlock your pootential. Tiffany x Nike about to drop it like it’s hot.

Creative Corner

This past week, I got some stickers which I will be mailing to those that have sent me stickers before. If anyone wants some, send me a DM and I can get you some.

I also am launching two OEs Monday at 12pm PST. A black and white image and a color image, choose your path wisely.


I recently had a chance to meet and talk a Latino astronaut at work which was a great experience. But it got me thinking about space in general and just what happens to all the satellites we send up there once they go offline, or they break down. The answer is not good. They are made to run until obsolete which in one way, that means they are built to last in another way, we spend a ton of money but never with a path to upgrade or keep using which is means we get more debris coming back into our atmosphere. This is also applicable to the International Space Station. By 2031 it is planned it will be decommissioned and brought down crashing into the ocean (the furtest part from any land) at Point Nemo. Not to be confused with Point Dory where the turtles and seagulls from Finding Nemo hang out.

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NFT Space

OE season is in full swing with no signs of slowing down. This week’s latest OEs came from Asa and SeattleDog. Asa who is known for his grunck and funck pieces dropped this banger of an OE that will have a burn mechanic. Hoping to see more collectors in the eth space recognize his/her talent. With so much talent in the tezos space and acting as an incubator of sorts, it is only time before Asa is “discovered.’

Twitter avatar for @asanology

Asa @asanology

“Careful What You Wish For” Open Edition - 0.01666 ETH - 48 hours January 25th 3:30PM ET


4:31 PM ∙ Jan 24, 2023


Did you unlock your full pootential? One of the newest mods in the Monster server dropped his collection on eth. Seattle is hilarious with the concepts he explores and toes the line between serious with his work with some lightheartedness which makes me excited to see where he goes with this collection.

Twitter avatar for @seattledog0603

seattledog @seattledog0603

It’s time to realize your pootential. 72 hour Open Edition, 0.005 eth per And a plethora of bags await your redemption! Just a sample below... #teampoopé


2:02 PM ∙ Jan 24, 2023


Massive money is coming back into the NFT space or at least circulating. We had a sale of a BAYC for 500eth, Proceed with Caution by DesLucrece crossed 3k Eth traded (nuts). With that said, be super careful and weary, and use best practices. Even someone like Kevin Rose recently was attacked and lost all his NFTs.


If you’re a boomer in the Web3 space (anyone over 25 kek) then you might be old enough to remember the last time we had a Nike shoe dubbed the Tiffany. Hype and cost was unreal. I am definitely keeping an eye out for this collaboration and with both Nike and Tiffany playing some sort of role in the NFT space, I am a hoping a digital collectible is included with this piece.

Twitter avatar for @TiffanyAndCo

Tiffany & Co. @TiffanyAndCo

.@Nike x @TiffanyAndCo, a legendary pair. Coming soon… 👀


2:21 PM ∙ Jan 29, 2023


Amator (now Espen) is back at it again at the casino with his latest drop. The outputs on these have been amazing and I am looking forward to adding these to my collection.

Twitter avatar for @Amatoer_tez

Espen Opdahl ⍟ @Amatoer_tez

RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT! 🎉 "Echoes of Enough" releases on Fxhash on January 31st, Tuesday, at 20:00 CET. 200 editions DA 100->20 🆓Will give away 5 editions for FREE for retweets (must follow) 🆓 Thread for info about Allow List and Giveaway👇 #fxhash #tezos


6:22 PM ∙ Jan 27, 2023


Meme Of The Week

This one is courtesy of Dallyboi over at the Monster Server. I always crack up at the scenario of the tax preparer as you try and explain what it is you do that made you so many gains. And since Schmrypto has been on a tear with Defy and spefically the raspberries this meme is fitting for this week.

Twitter avatar for @dallyboi___

Dallyboi @dallyboi___



12:35 AM ∙ Jan 30, 2023



Hope you all have a great week!

CIAHOAD-Rick James

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