Privacy Coins At Risk & Onchain Ramps Up As Gas Cools Down| Issue #53

Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Degen Report.

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Creative Corner

GM GM. Happy New Years to all.

Gambler’s Fallacy has been airdropped to readers that qualified (link if you want to buy on secondary). Thank you all for your support again. As some of you may know, the logo for this newsletter is based on the Aztec god of gambling, Macuilxochitl. This is Rezva’s interpretation of some of the reference material I shared with her as well as in her more recent style. I personally love how smooth the animation is and this will look great on the Tokenframe.

I will be doing something similar for podcast and YouTube celebrations in the future. So make sure to join on Zealy (link below) if you want to partake next time (it is free to join and partake). I will be giving one away, just make sure to like and leave a comment with your address below to this tweet.


As some of you may know, I am a big F1 fan. And in the USA, F1 is finally starting to pick up in popularity due to the Netflix series as well as now we have three races in the USA which is nuts. It appears we are going to get some simulation bars or premium hosting/entertainment spaces that are F1 focused. Not sure how they do abroad, I am hoping some of these do well, as they look awesome AF.


NFT Space

The future is multichain, or at least that is what it seems everyone who was a maxi of one specific crypto is coming to the realization. Etherscan, got this memo as well and they are exploring/launching multichain support. Ledger explorers aren’t the sexiest tools in the world but they are super useful when done right (looking at interface).


There are rumors that inscriptions are coming to Tezos. Is this the degen move to bring back $4 Tezos? Inscriptions are crazy tech, and once you have gone down the rabbit hole of BTC NFTs you realize just some of the crazy stuff that happens in other parts of the crypto and NFT world. Lets see how this goes for Tezos.

Privacy Coins are at risk of getting delisted by Binance, adding to the list of growing exchanges that do not support them. As many of you know, I am big Monero maxi. Monero received the news and basically just shrugged and said okay. Zcash has been trying to play this game of you can choose when to turn on/off privacy. But by compromising on their stance and beliefs they learned that in the end it doesn’t even matter, as Linkin Park would say. Also interesting about this news is since the SEC recently charged Binance, it really does seem from the outside looking in that they really have them by the balls as they are asking them to do almost anything they want just so they can be compliant and still operate in the biggest market in the world.


byteGANS, created by Pindar, which are one of my top 10 projects of 2023 (thinking of doing a video on this, let me know if youre interested) is officially 100% immutable. Pindar continues pushing the boundaries from a technical and philosophical perspective when it comes to NFTs. byteGANS have now ascended into a new realm and I need one ASAP.


After the Nakamoto upgrade for Stacks (BTC L2), things seem to be progressing and moving better for the L2. Most of the Bitcoin and Stacks community celebrated this upgrade as Stacks was able to complete multiple blocks on 1 btc block which is a great sign of the scalability and what is to come.


RyderOne recently smashed their goal for fundraising and expectations. After a ton of demand they opened up their registration for their new product to more users. The wallets have not come out, but will be moving into production and the previews and videos on this wallet are well made. They tackle a lot of issues with modern seed phrases and try to make it as seamless and easy as possible. Highly suggest you watch their teaser video and if you’re interested in signing up for one, now is your chance.

Kipz.eth launched a new collection titled “Quatre” which jumped up on the trending of OpenSea. Quatre is an (correction, this is not onchain) collection, and one I suggest you check out. Congrats to Kipz on the launch and success.


The word for this weeks read is, “fallacy”. Make sure to get in on the fun and giveaways.

Notable Sales

Moon 4 by Ripcache sold for 5.95eth. Ripcache also confirmed that Close Circuit will be closing it doors like Circuit City.


This piece by Artemis, titled Televised sold for 2eth.


The Last Prayer by Other World sold for 23eth.


the fuck you looking at? by xcopy sold for 18eth.

Crypto Art by KillerAcid sold for 5.16eth.


Only One Owns It by Hackatao sold for 16.5eth. Hackatao has been also selling like crazy this past two weeks with two Andy Warhol pieces go for 20eth each. It sold to none other than Pindar Van Arman, who said this about acquiring this piece

“Grail" is an overused term, but in case of SuperRare pieces, there are 3.

Barrat's "AI Generated Nude Portrait #1"

XCOPYART's "Right Click Save As Guy"


@Hackatao's "Only One Owns It"

Congrats to Van Arman on this acquisition.



Things I am looking forward to this week.

Ekaitza aka Mr. Life of Muga, seems to be branching out of this toy collectible to other physicals, in this case Football jerseys. And for those that have attended Marfa, or collected other physicals in web3, these are powered by IYK which is a company that been trying to bridge the digital and physical world at scale and thoughtfully.


These even teased some postcards where the their technology is fully embedded into the paper, so you can send those feet pics to your loyal fans without them knowing it is an NFT lol.


ol1y who was recently accepted in SuperRare gave us a glimpse of this onchain photography SR genesis. Amber Pastures is the name of the piece below is going to auction on Jan8th. I am looking forward to what comes next for ol1y.



For 2024, I am going to experiment and expand some of the news I cover. Before I was into NFTs, I was/am a sneakerhead and Pokémon collector.

Nike SBs always have some crazy collabs and House of Heat mocked up what a Pokémon collection would look like and damn, I just had to share these. These would literally break all the bots.

Lastly, I love bearbricks, not all of them are fire, but this one they sent over to MKBHD is absolutely insane. If they are sending these as rewards for subscribers counts, ima need yall to subscribe to my Youtube ASAP haha so I can get this.


Aight, I know that is a little different than usual, so let me know what you think. Just wanted to take a step away from NFTs and show some love to my other passions.

Meme Of The Week

This one cracked me up, thank you Rezva for making me laugh this week.


Have a great rest of your week!

CIAHOAD-Rick James

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