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Creative Corner


Some of you have asked for this option, so I now have an automated way of doing native crypto subscriptions, link here to check it out.

Currently only a yearly option is offered due to gas, as this is done on L1 Eth vs L2 Eth. I made the decision to do it on L1 as I thought doing L2 would lose people even though L2s are becoming popular. In the future I could do an L2 for monthly but for now this is good enough. Another interesting thing is, I turned on referral incentives so if you refer someone and they subscribe, ill give you 3% of the total sub. I suspect this won’t be used much, but for those that are truly deep in crypto, having options is always nice.


Pomp is someone I have been enjoying his content for a bit. Some people may know him as a BTC only person or as the interesting sports guy. Whatever you know him as, I highly suggest you check out his newsletter here on Substack, HuddleUp (link below).

The state of streaming is getting a bit insane right now, but sports tend to keep people locked into cable or a streaming provider. With 23million people tuning in to watch the Dolphins not like the cold, it is definitely the end of the golden era of streaming. Be ready to sign up for the most obscure streaming network because with results like this, we are going to have a ton more subscriptions to get if you are a sports fan.


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By Joe Pompliano

NFT Space

Before we dive in, I just want to objectively call out, that this is heavily focused on BTC based on the news this past week. But I do cover and follow other cryptos, I promise.

Unless you have lived under a rock or just woke up from a coma, the BTC EFT has been approved. A surreal and weird moment for me. When I first graduated college I was making $15 an hour and the economy was barely recovering from the 2008 crash. BTC was less than $150 and I spent my whole paycheck at times buying whole or chunks of BTC back in 2012. BTC has been “dead” way more times that I can count. But every week, I bought some BTC. If you would have told me this fictitious money that was used to buy drugs with back then would become an ETF 12 years later, I would have laughed in your face. In typical crypto fashion, the launch didn’t come without hiccups but in the end, it doesn’t matter, it is here and now we can buy BTC in our Roth IRA. By far the funniest tweet I saw about the “hack” was this from Jarritos (shoutout Chefspin).

Earlier this week Inscriptions made it over to Stacks (L2 for BTC). I’ve been bullish on Stacks for quite sometime now as the development, the teams behind some of the tools and overall community have been extremely positive for me. And with Bitcoin being the OG chain, an L2 that is exciting as Stacks is one I have to keep my eye on. And so far it has worked for me monetarily. So what are inscriptions you may ask? Inscriptions are the tech on how we got Ordinals on BTC, this will be the same for Stacks. Currently on Stx you have been able to store your NFT on IPFS (similar to Eth), now you will be able to do so onchain on the stacks network which finalizes on BTC. Is this the next wave of ordinals we have to keep an eye out for?


Xverse has been on a tear recently. For those not familiar with Xverse, they are one of the preferred wallets when it comes to Ordinals, BTC and Stacks. They recently launched Inscribe GPT, which is right after the announcement above. Think Dall-E and straight to ordinal inscriptions with a click of one button. Part of what we should strive for in crypto is less boundaries. When our tech has gotten so good, that people don’t even realize they are using blockchain tech or even NFTs. That is when we have reached critical mass. This is one way of achieving this goal. Congrats to the Xverse team on launching this so quickly.


Neurocolor dropped toxytocine (Inscription #54264592) for 0.21BTC and boy is this thing a banger. Seeing artist venture out from Eth and decide between Solana and BTC is fun to observe. What stood out to me about this piece is that it is only 122kb which is NUTS. The quality of ordinals is getting better and better. And seeing Neurocolor push himself to his limits is amazing.

Des Lucrece dropped his first ordinals with Sothebys titled “Benediction from Between Worlds”. The estimates were severely off, which is unlucky for me as I have been outbid with a 60k bid on this piece (as of the time writing). What makes this piece special on top of being Lucrece’s first ordinal is he used some rare sats for this piece, there are cursed bidders editions, this only uses 3 colors, and Des pushes himself to his limits with his arts as this piece is three frames but still has that iconis movement from Des and the pixilation enhances the art. In my opinion, this is one of his best works yet, and whoever owns this, is lucky. I am proud to have helped in a small way to making this piece happen.

Now moving back to some Eth stuff. is letting users leverage their worthless NFTs and the IP tied to them to be potentially used as assets in their upcoming game. By staking and farming your NFTs (NFA/DYOR as staking can sometimes mean they own it outright) you will be farming their token which will hopefully bring your zero value NFTs back to $10 lol.


Xcopy in quick sucession dropped two Maxpain burns. Starting with Bang_Bang an edition of 250. And Sidewayz which was open to 500 but only 420 burned

With these burns, Xcopy has managed to get the supply of Maxpains down by 15%. I found this thread by maxand98, informative on this current trend of style that Xcopy is in after minting Steady his collab piece with NobleGallery.

The word for this weeks read is, “jarritos”. Make sure to get in on the fun and giveaways.

Notable Sales

No Favour (cold) sold for 17eth.

Steady by Xcopy sold for 4.85eth (Discord)


Things I am looking forward to.

Patrick Amadon is dropping 7 1/1s on Solana this week. Reserve is 0 to start for all of them. In the past Patrick has pushed the boundaries with his NFTs from a technical standpoint, lets see if some of that magic carries over to Solana.

Artist Kipz.eth recently dropped two banger onchain pieces, the first one below has already been collected and the blue one titled “Internal Logistics” is one I highly recommend clicking on the link as the animation is buttery smooth. Curious to see who picks up this second one.

Neutral by Ripcache from his popular collection public//private has been collected by Particle Collection. They have both the physical non scratched, and 64 users will be able to co-own this piece and decide if they scratch. An interesting concept when it comes to fragmentation of an NFT and I am curious to see what happens.


I am not including any collectible this week but I did want to gather your feedback. Let me know how you truly feel below.

Meme Of The Week

With more and more artist dropping on BTC this seemed appropriate.



Have a great rest of your week!

CIAHOAD-Rick James

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