Shithead Update #8

Hello My Friends,

I am feeling refreshed and recharged. Ready to conquer and end the year strong. Shithead Art History Major is ongoing. I am also doing something around Pokemon and NFTs, going to call it BlockMon.

If you are familiar with box breaks it will be similar concept, except the users will get a choice of getting the raw card or getting an NFT delivered to them via (working on securing partnership). From there you can HODL, flip or do whatever you want with it. This would happen monthly, and I plan on doing the first one this month on Friday October 27th at 4pm PST. All of this will be livestreamed and we can hang and do an AMA session as well. If any of this sounds interesting, you can be one of the first to purchase a space in the next box breaking, going to bust out some older rare boxes to break.

As always, I wanted to give you all an update on upcoming interviews, AMA opportunities for shitheads. I currently have opportunities for you to listen in live or ask questions of the following artists/people/collectors:

  1. Niche, In Progress

  2. MrLakon, In Progress

  3. Seattledog, In Progress

  4. Kevbot, Open

  5. ACK, NEW/Open

So if you have any questions you would like answered during a podcast interview, feel free to respond here via Substack chat or reach out to me via Twitter DM.

Thank you for your support as always.

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