The Artistic Revolution: How NFTs Empower Artists' Creativity and Careers

Five questions and answers from MoneyNeverSleeps Ep. 04

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What has been the most fun part or surprising part of NFTs?

  • Bastien kicked us off with commenting how much harder it is to make money from NFTs than what he initially thought

  • AD_AD had the most fun meeting people at NFT NYC or in real life as well as signing karaoke with Robness

  • Jeremy it helped him move from being a commercial artist to fine art artist

  • Sadboi not working in a restaurant anymore and being an artist full time

Having your own artist tokens or not, what are the pros or cons to having one?

  • Jeremy, tries to not let it limit him, keep it light and for access mostly to his art not necessarily complex mechanics. Jeremy hinted at a limited edition for boots holder in the future

  • Bastien it gave him the opportunity to be an artist full time, it opened his eyes to the potential of Web3

What is your creative process?

  • Sadboi gets a random vision and then goes to iPad immediately to use as a sketchpad. Jeremy asked what software do you end with? And Sadboi said Procreate

  • Jeremy Booth, usually has few layers (subject, foreground, background, ground, sky, maybe clouds). Can take about two days to clean up and finish a piece. Recently started trying Adobe AI color tool and having fun with it. What stuck out to me was his work is mostly in greyscale at first. Then explores color palettes (which is also where the new Adobe AI tool is where he is experimenting)

  • OG he has been having fun with using Midjourney to drop artist pieces and using describe feature. Helps him understand colors and articulates art in words

Physical Art?

  • Sadboi, uses over 300 brushes so it is hard for him to imagine how to move his workflow from Procreate to IRL painting

  • AD_AD does and has been recently dropping more 1/1 NFT + Physical work. It is what brought him to NFT space, was to bridge physical and digital world

  • Bastien does not do physicals as it is moving objects on Blender

  • Jeremy wants to get his physical work into a gallery in Dallas (goal) try to merge physical and digital world. He wants people to respect both avenues

  • OG thinks physical art could help artist reach new collectors (those who only focus on physical work vs digital world)

How did you arrive to your style?

  • Jeremy, started as graphic designer and tinkered with that clean western style for a while. Also produced commercial artwork in similar style. As he learned more about the history of cowboys it solidified for him especially after his trip to Kansas recently

  • Sadboi, his interest in history and mythology. Slow evolution of figuring it out in how to do that in a new way. Pulls a bit from everywhere and up until recently (June 29, 2023), is it starting to make more sense (in a formulaic kind of way). Bringing stories from history into life

  • Bastien, inspired by Ness. Loves exploring his process and redefining constantly

MoneyNeverSleeps is on break this week, so if you didn’t have a chance to listen to last weeks episode, I hope this summary helps you get up to speed. But I highly suggest giving the stream a go. Have a great week all!






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