The Calm After The Storm: Safety In Web3 At An All Time Low| Issue #52

Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Degen Report.

What to expect: 1172 words a 5-minute read.

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Creative Corner

GM GM. Happy holidays to all!

With gas low I was able to mint my next onchain piece; titled “Wanderer”. This image was taken with a gameboy camera. With cameras taking bigger and bigger images, forcing myself to create onchain and with a limited camera is thrilling. Both Wanderer and High In The City are available on Foundation for 0.1Eth.

As mentioned in my last post, I am dropping a collab piece with Rezva in celebration of the 1 year of writing this newsletter. Snapshot will take place December 31st, 11:59PDT. If you are a fan of Rezva’s editions (example below) then you are going to like this piece.


I recently had a call with some people abroad for a project. And I got to thinking, how many time zones are there in the world. I imagined only 24 (1 for each hour) but my call was with some people in India and they are not at an hour mark but a 30minute mark. So with I got to digging. There are actually closer to 40 time zones in use right now than 24, in case you were wondering (welcome to my brain).

NFT Space

Its been a crazy two weeks in crypo. It felt like for two weeks straight, there was an exploit or rug happening every single day. From a Ledger SDK exploit. NFT Trader app being used to steal a bunch of BAYCs and others. Farokh getting sim swapped, after his big deal with Decrypt. Artblocks, twitter getting hacked. Drifter, getting his twitter hacked. And honestly, just a shit ton of bad vibes.


And to make matters worse, is you could do literally everything right from a security perspective and still get rugged. Pindar and others, got their Moxarra x neurocolor x XCOPY collab stolen as well from the exploit from Thirdweb.


I am hoping we can all move past this, and our industry can mature more so that these type of incidents are less frequent. But with so much money to be made, I don’t know if we will ever reach normal levels. Take care of yourselves, and even if you do, just be prepared for the worst, sometimes even doing all the right steps isnt enough, unfortunately.

MendezMendez dropped a generative art piece giving homage to Robert Mallary in collaboration with Schmrypto. And it was a hit, with 2,208 minted pieces. And the great thing about this drop is what it was accessible from a price point ($8 usd) and from a timing perspective. Congrats to both on this amazing drop!


Stacks is dropping a massive update called Nakamoto that will revolutionize the Bitcoin L2. I am super bullish on stacks and I look forward to this upgrade. With 5 second tx times, and the finality on BTC, it may not get the hype of Solana but it has the power of Bitcoin behind it.


Speaking on Bitcoin, Phantom wallet is on a tear recently. After introducing Eth support to its wallet, it is now introducing Ordinals and BTC support to its wallet. Metamask is slowly getting left behind from a technology perspective. There are also rumors of a token drop from Phantom, but those are rumors and NFA.

One of my biggest reasons for not using Skiff, has been the lack of pgp support. And now, they have dropped this upgrade supporting pgp support. Skiff is slowly becoming an email client I want to use. I have started using them for my degening on web3 as they support farcaster and ens support. If you have been on the fence, this may be the time to check them out.


Efdot dropped this gorgeous piece titled Playground for the holiday season as a free claim for his collectors. The details on this piece are insane, I highly recommend checking out the tweet as it has more details and zoomed in shots.


The word for this weeks read is, “holidays”. Make sure to get in on the fun and giveaways.

Notable Sales

Xcopy continues to pump this bear as usual. We had three notable sales I want to cover, but there has been way more movement on x pieces than these three.

We had a damager sell for 5.5eth. Notable because of how low this piece went. Lallement recently traded for a KO piece which would have placed damager at around 8-10eth in value.

Algobro continue pumping 8.69eth sale after recently formed TheDoomedDAO, makes a bold statement that causes some debate in the x server “It's the first-ever fully on-chain work by X and is destined to become a future grail.” Which some think this language isn’t clear and doesn’t acknowledge Pixelchain and Right Click Save.


Pump King sells for 6.99eth. One of my favorite x pieces that gets no respect due to it being on Kolectiv contract.


Open Water by c4rdinal, sold for 2.5eth.

Duet by Dylan Wade, which I previously covered recently sold for 1.5eth.


Bryan Brinkman’s new piece sold for 3.75eth.

Nightime Home #4 by GrantYun sold for 6eth.


Lastly, Unknown by Ripcache recently sold to BatSoupYum for an undisclosed fee but I suspect it was 10+Eth no doubt.



Things I am looking forward to this week.

Speaking of Ripcache, he closed out 2023 with a bang and now it appears he wants to start off with some gas wars in early 2024. I’ve been itching to acquire a 2nd Ripcache piece and lets see what 2024 has in store for us.

Looks like Neurocolor has been getting physical recently with some wood and oil paintings. This is an epic piece, so looking forward to seeing if this is the start of a physical + digital piece drop.


Looks like we are going to get more Maxpain and other burn to redeem pieces in the 1st half of 2024 based on this xcopy tweet.

uczine is lauching a burn to redeem this week with three new pieces and they are bangers my favorite one below. More details can be found on this tweet, the gist is the following. You need to burn offgrid on thursday-28th_20:00_utc.

Meme Of The Week

Not really a meme, but damn, this dude wins at travelling during the holiday season lol.



Have a great rest of your week!

CIAHOAD-Rick James

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